Top 3 Handheld Games of 2018

Paige’s Top Four (Handheld) Games of 2018

2018 was not only a plentiful year for Switch games but also for other systems. Unfortunately some great ones came out towards the end of the year that I haven’t had time to play. So before starting I’d like to put out some honorable mentions. These being World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Yo-Kai Watch 3. Due to the number of Switch ports it might also not be that surprising to see half of my top games are ports.

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies is a 2D platformer that is built around local co-op play. With different friends you make having abilities that can combine with each other. This makes it an ideal game for me, especially since the other players can easily get back in if they die. While I did end up playing far more of it in single player, that is still fun and the CPU teammates are capable. My main issue with it is the shortness as you can easily beat it in one long session. Since my review they have added plenty of new playable characters and an update with another level.


West of Loathing

West of Loathing is an amazing comedy game that came out the year prior for computers. The Nintendo Switch is so far the only console port. I got a review code for it and couldn’t put it down after I started, at least not until 5am. It is an adventure game with turn based rpg combat set in a fantasy Wild West all depicted in black and white stick figures. Despite that it is a game for a more mature audience due to some themes in the writing.

Like Kirby it is quite short, this only taking me eight hours to beat on a first playthrough. Unlike Kirby this is a much cheaper priced release. There are also many collectibles and a true ending you probably won’t get your first time through. Given there are three classes it is the kind of adventure you’d want to retread. Just don’t forget to put on silly walking!

I’m looking forward to when my Limited Run special edition order finally is made and delivered.


Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a sequel to Overcooked the local co-op cooking frenzy party game. It’s more of the original but with new mechanics such as throwing which in some ways makes it a bit easier than the first. Throwing is tied into the game’s level designs. This was a wonderful game to play with my boyfriend, but also with my online friends. I found for the most part that two players was the easiest way to get by (until the paid DLC came out). I definitely can’t recommend it for single player but if you have at least one person to play with, locally or online you should definitely play some.

Since my review they’ve added an extra star of difficulty, a paid summer themed DLC, a free Christmas DLC and (finally) the ability to share game progress when playing the campaign with friends.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII is a game I was lucky enough to get a review code for and I loved it. It originally released for the Playstation Vita before getting an enhanced port to the PS4 which was then ported to Switch. It’s a great action RPG that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome even though I felt a bit like playing more. I felt the story was fairly interesting although I didn’t care much for the ending point of the game. It has fishing, a wave fighting mode, a raid mode and plenty of boss battles.

I had bought it for my PS4 near launch but hadn’t gotten around to it. Thankfully the Switch port is a great job as long as you don’t mind 30fps and benefits from having the re-localization. Not only that but the DLC outfits are free!


Good-Bye 2018

It’s not long until next year for me. As I said there are quite a few games from this year I have to catch up on. I barely had time for other systems with the reviews I’d been getting, not that I mind. For other systems my games of 2018 would have to be Ni No Kuni II and Dragon Quest XI for the PS4, the latter of which is soon to get a Switch port.

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