Paradise Bay, King's answer to a Hay Day

For years now I’ve played HayDay on and off, since it was released on day one. I don’t stick with it for months on end, but at times I dive in again to manage my farm and village. Over the years I tried many other farming/ city building games, but none came close to HayDay in my opinion.

Paradise Bay, King Crab, King, simulationLast week a new app game was released by the people behind Candy Crush, King. Paradise Bay is a free to play game, that invites you to revive an islands enemy by taking on the job of Trader. You have to grow crops, use them for instance to make nets, which in turn can be used to fish. And the fish can be cooked, which help you sell them at a better price. In return you get money, experience and items that you need to expand. So, much along the lines of HayDay. What is different is that you can chat with the villagers and learn more about their lives story ( one sided conversations though) and most machines are actually operated (by animals).

Paradise Bay, city builder, Hay Day, fun gameStill, Paradise Bay is an enjoyable game, mostly because it’s visuals are very good, there is some interaction with the villagers, and they make the production quirky by having a seagul make the nets, have turtles strap the net to their back to fish and you rescue a pirate attacked by sharks to run your storefront. In reality you don’t do anything different then in HayDay, and the game still wants you to spend real money of course to buy gems to speed up the process. Waiting for production to fulfill a timed order can be difficult, and there are always materials you need to upgrade your storage that are so hard to come by. Which makes you spend gems to just keep on producing.

Paradise Bay, Ladiesgamers, time managementThe game has Facebook and GameCenter connection, so you can visit your friends islands and buy goods from them. They learned from HayDay and it’s multiple expansions over the years, and from the beginning there’s enough challenge to unlock more options to the game. That makes Paradise Bay a good competitor from day one. They’ve opened a website where players can give their tips and complaints, making them a nice list to change and update in future (Paradise Bay User Voice)

My conclusion is that you shouldn’t expect something entirely new playing this game, but it does tick the right boxes to make me play this. Usually after playing a while I can’t resist to check back into HayDay, because somehow it always seems better. This time though I didn’t, and I’m quite enjoying my time in Paradise. So if you’re a HayDay fan looking for a new start, this is your game!


  1. So I wasn’t the only one thinking of how similar it was to HayDay! I saw the add and I’m like, it’s basically Hay Day but 3D. It is fun though, I do prefer HayDay but it’s fun.

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