Some avatars cheer on three people in first, second, and third place. The logo for Party Quiz is in the upper left hand corner.

Party Quiz Review

Game: Party Quiz
Genre: Party, Trivia
System: Steam (Windows only)
Developer|Publisher: White Ink
Controller Support: None
Price: UK £ FREE | US $ FREE | EU € FREE
Release Date: May 31st, 2023

Review code provided with many thanks to White Ink.

Party Quiz is a unique little party game that plays like Jeopardy. This long-form game is made for big parties with a lot of time that love trivia.

The Gameplay of Party Quiz

Party Quiz is much like a Jeopardy video game without a built-in host. One player has to run the game, selecting the questions from a list. Players choose a category and how many points from the list, then the host reads out the question. The host and the players, each logged in on their phones, interact with the Jackbox-like questions on their screens, typing in the answer to appear above their heads.

A cartoon version of a Jeopardy setup with a scoreboard, players behind podiums, and a host behind a hosting stand.
The camera moves around the set like a real Jeopardy-style game show.

There are three rounds, each with five categories of questions with five questions in each category. Categories range from things like Video Game Characters to Famous Authors to weirder topics like Mushrooms and Sidekicks. The player that answered the last question correctly selects the category and the amount; then, players fight to be the first to ring in.

Party Quiz has no system for checking if the answer typed in by the contestant is correct, so the host has to be the one who clicks on their phone or in their browser whether the contestant got the answer correct or not.

The category screen of Party Quiz.
What’s Happening?

Some questions allow the one who chose the question to pick which contestant has to answer the question, meaning players can make their opponents lose points if they know what categories are the other players’ weaknesses. You can also apparently make your own questions, which is a fun way to make a game to play with friends.

Party Quiz as A Party Game

I couldn’t play this game solo, so I had my husband play with me. The trivia is wild; you are expected to have a wide range of knowledge about an absolutely massive amount of subjects, just like real Jeopardy. We had a lot of fun figuring out the answers to the questions.

A cartoon version of a Jeopardy setup with a scoreboard, players behind podiums, and a host behind a hosting stand.
Sauces is such a great category for a game show.

Although there were some spelling errors in Party Quiz, several updates have been added over the last week to ensure that those questions are updated with correct spelling and grammar. The devs seem to be putting in a lot of effort to ensure their game is accurate.

A screenshot of winners and losers at the end of a game.
I won!

The Look and Feel of Party Quiz

Party Quiz has a colorful, blocky, Minecraft kind of look to it that really works. Players get to pick the look of their avatars and play on their own devices. It’s a great idea, and for a free game, a lot of love was put into this little quiz show party game.

I can tell what the devs were going for with the host system; sometimes, when you play trivia video games, you know the answer, but you might misspell it or use a slightly different word or spelling than the game expects. You should have gotten the answer correct, but you said cephalopod instead of octopus, or you spelt out HONOR when the game wanted it spell HONOUR. Making the humans playing the game the host got around this problem.

The screen showing how to make your own questions in Party Quiz.
You can make your own questions, which is cool if you want to play games specific to your friend group.

However, it makes the game a bit weird to interact with. That being said, Party Quiz is still pretty good at what it is trying to do.


For a free game, Party Quiz is great. The interface is a little awkward, but it is laid out so that you can play it with friends in real life and online. There is a lot to do in it; we played for many hours and didn’t get the same category twice.

Overall, this game is very well put together; a little weird, a little awkward, but overall a lot of fun. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves trivia.

Final Verdict: I Like it
I like it

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