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Paula’s Game Ramblings: Benefits of Playing Strategy Games

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So far, 2022 has been an excellent year for strategy gamers, with some brilliant games released. All the great games released this year have got me thinking about the benefits of playing strategy games.

There are many different genres of strategy games, from simple puzzle games to complex military simulations. While Grand and 4X strategy games may require more thought than your average video game, the rewards can be well worth it. Of course, one of the best things about strategy games is that players of most ages can enjoy them.

Benefits of Strategy Games

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Have you ever wondered what advantages there are to playing strategy games other than they are terrific fun and the apparent benefit of hand-to-eye coordination? To become a master of strategy games, you need to learn to focus on more than one thing at once. In addition, there is a need to think about each move and how it affects the overall strategy.

Finally, strategy gaming is all about planning your next move and thinking of the direction you want your game to go in. So, playing strategy games increases your concentration as well as exercises your brain.

In addition, unlike in reality, failing in games has no costly downside. Games are testing grounds for strategies were making the wrong move can’t be undone, and different decisions and paths are tried. Execute a flawed process in the real world, and your organisation might falter, whereas applying it in the gaming world, you learn a lesson at the cost of only a little frustration.

Formulating Plans

Strategy games are all about formulating plans. For example, some strategy games need players to manage a nation from birth and guide the people to form a thriving society. In games like Civilization, Humankind and Old World, where you have responsibilities for citizens, troops and large armies, your plans can change the game’s outcome in the long run.

There is no room for careless mistakes. But, on the other hand, decision-making, such as a merger or joining a pact, could save your empire and, eventually, your game.

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Similarly, building bases, upgrading units, braving the fog of war to see what your opponent’s up to, micro-managing units, balancing and increasing your resources, and coordinating attacks and defences are all decisions that can break or extend the gameplay.

Daily Brain Workout

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Finally, and most importantly, strategy games have you do these things with limited resources. The idea is to live to fight another day. Giving your brain a daily fix will train your brain to make decisions fast.

Another benefit of strategy games is playing a strategy game in hot seat mode (multiplayer), which allows two or more players to play the game simultaneously. Hot seat mode encourages teamwork and improves the bonds between players.

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To sum up, we can learn a lot and improve our skills by playing strategy games other than the feeling of pride upon winning. In addition, I think people, including myself, love strategic games because it enables us to engage in, practice, or hone our strategic thinking skills in an environment where nothing is at stake.

Can you tell I’m a big fan?


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