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Paula’s Game Ramblings: Cool Zelda Ultrahand Builds

Welcome to this edition of Game Ramblings; you can find the previous Ramblings here. 

As you know by now, most of these ramblings are about what game I happen to be playing at the time of writing. Like most Nintendo Switch owners, I have been spending much time with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGame
Using auto build

It turns out that it’s Nintendo best selling Zelda game ever released, with 10 million copies of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold in the first three days, and it’s no surprise that so many people have purchased the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers
Zonai Device dispenser

The Possibilities with Ultrahand

With Link’s new powers, like Ultrahand, the possibilities are pretty endless. Combined with the Zonai devices you can find while playing, you can make some very cool vehicles and combat items.

Many players have been using their imagination to the full and coming up with some crazy machines for traversing the environment or just generally killing Bokoblins and Lizalfos….or really killing anything that gets in their way. 

For instance, look at this steel prison for capturing the giant boss Bokoblin. Using a cage, some large wheels and steel. Credit to Bear Gaming Asia. 

Then we have Redditor Chubysnow, who enjoys gliding through the skies on a new Zonai Wing Glider. But they also set out to give the experience a little more craziness. 

As we can see in the clip below, Chubysnow decided one Glider wasn’t enough. So they devised this cool-looking trick to extend your flight in the skies around Hyrule. Using one wing and then attached another to the device before mounting a third, which they held onto with Fuse. However, by dropping a Glider, Cubbysnow could keep in the sky for almost three times longer than the typical amount. 

I tried this trick, and getting the timing right before Link starts to plummet to Earth is challenging. So kudos to Chubysnow for their victory. 

Wing surfing technique as forbidden as it is stupid.
by u/Chubysnow in tearsofthekingdom

Twitter user @Franken_Sama has devised a genius way to extend the distance Link can travel in the sky. However, it uses many Shields with rockets attached to them. If you have the shields, try and see how far you get. 

If you check on YouTube, you will find plenty of ideas to use the Ultrahand ability to build excellent machines. For instance, Top Gaming Plays are doing a series of ToTK Vehicle and Builds and Top Funny moments which are always fun to watch and get new ideas from. 

Even More Splendid Ideas with Ultrahand

Furthermore, another Reddit user SHRIKE has devised an idea for Hyrule’s most feared war machine. That was an excellent idea, but using wood as a base for the war machine wasn’t such a bright idea. 

Behold. Hyrules most feared war machine.
by u/—SHRIKE— in tearsofthekingdom

Do you find yourself travelling slowly across the sands of the Gerudo desert? Reddit user Nocolas has a new way to travel across the sand. Using fans, poles and a wing, they can travel fast across the sand without using a sand seal. It reminds me of a pod racer for Starwars. Of course, it reminded Nocolas of the same thing, as that is its name. 

made a Podracer
by u/Nocolas in tearsofthekingdom

Suppose you want to treat Link to a fun night out after all his hard work saving Hyrule. Why not take Twitter users @aitaikimochi theme park build and give Link a sweet ride? Though it probably won’t pass any health and safety checks. 

Another Reddit user GordonFreeman_99 developed a mammoth tank to take on a Lynel. Sadly it didn’t go as well as Gordon expected, but the idea was there. 

Mammoth Tank vs Blue Lynel
by u/GordonFreeman_99 in tearsofthekingdom

Zelda Builds

Since the Tears of the Kingdom release, a new website has popped up recently. It’s called Zelda Builds, and users can add their wonderful, weird and wacky designs to share with others. There are some amazing contraptions that people have devised and built. 

zelda builds LadiesGamers

User Rugras has built a vehicle with Independent Suspension, using four big wheels, five stabilisers, one steering stick, four wooden beams and four wooden wheels. It looks great, and I’m sure it works pretty well, though I’d maybe stay away from a fire before you lose the bottom of the vehicle.

zelda builds LadiesGamers
credit to Rugras for the image and the invention

Have you seen any Ultrahand builds for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that have caught your imagination and enticed you to turn your hands to building contraptions and death machines?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. I’m torn between the amazing ingenuity and the feeling of a cheat. Fantastic ideas of capturing a foe or launching a Korok into space, but creating a laser platform to annihilate a Lynel seems a bit unsportsmanlike. New ways of thinking and playing. Gotta be a win.

    1. Hi thanks for reading. Yeah I understand what you mean, I like seeing everyone’s creativity but that is not how I play the game. Some of the idea are amazing, that’s also why I like ToTK as you can play it how you want to, it gives you freedom to experiment if that’s your thing.

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