Paula’s Game Ramblings: Games I Wish Would Be Re-released

Time for another Paula’s game ramblings. This time I’m going to ramble about some games I played years ago and loved. Games I wish that they would be released again on the Nintendo Switch.

I’ve played all these games many years ago, and they are just some of the best games I’ve ever played. Of course, I don’t imagine these games would be on everyone’s list for re-released as everyone has different tastes in games. Let’s begin.

Fantasy Life 3DS

Fantasy Life was a vast, engaging role-playing adventure game that Level-5 published for Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

The game was a typical RPG with resource gathering, crafting and battles. However, what set the game apart from other RPG’s was that the game allowed players to choose from 12 lives before earning their license and going on a myriad of quests. From a Magician to a Cook and a Tailor to a Mercenary, there was something in the game for everyone!

Fantasy Life LadiesGamers

Each character could be customised and levelled-up, through battle and experience, as could your house and your life options. You earned Bliss points by helping townsfolk; expand your home and even get a pet! You also earned respect from your peers to unlock new conversations and gateways to new areas. Fantasy Life was a fun romp through a good-looking game (in its time) with a wonderful whimsical charm to top it all off.

Chibi Robo GameCube

Chibi-Robo LadiesGamers

Chibi-Robo was a platform adventure game, and you played the part of the tiny metal robot, Chibi. Chibi lived in a house owned by the Sanderson family. The gameplay revolved around navigating their household and collecting Happy Points by completing various tasks.

Chibi-Robo LadiesGamers

The tasks could be anything from housework to helping solve the dilemmas of the Sanderson family and the numerous living toys that inhabited their household. Every action consumed energy, requiring Chibi to recharge using electrical outlets. It may not sound like much now, but at the time, Chibi-Robo was a very cute and entertaining game to play.

Little Kings Story Wii

Little Kings Story LadiesGamers

Little Kings Story was one of those games that looked nothing special when you first saw it. It combined life-simulation and real-time strategy, along with adventure elements. It was based around a boy called Corobo, who found a magical crown in the forest one day. The crown was infused with a mysterious power to charm any person and make them follow any order. Corobo becomes King of his village and sets out to make his village the best in the kingdom.

little kings story LadiesGamers

The game was a mix of Pikmin and adventuring and strategy. The little King could issue commands to each citizen, such as digging and fighting. There was also questing and treasure hunting. Fighting and lots of strategy planning in the game, which suited me to a T.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past 3DS

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is the seventh instalment of the popular RPG series released in 2016 on the 3DS.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past LadiesGamers

The game follows the Hero and his friends as they discover secrets about the mysterious islands surrounding their home of Estard. They are transported to the pasts of various islands through some ancient ruins and must defeat evil in each new location.

It is a typical old school Dragon Quest RPG, with lots of humour in the game, and each village has their dialects. Even though the characters weren’t voice acted they were in my head when I read the story. I loved the exploring, the characters and all the humour in the game.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past LadiesGamers

I’m sure you are the same and have some games from years ago that you would like to see re-released. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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