Paula’s Game Ramblings: Introduction to Atelier

Here I am back again for another game ramblings, doesn’t time fly from one month to the next?!

This month, it’s time for a confession…have you ever been prejudiced about a game or game series, keeping you from playing it? Well I was, let me explain.

As gamers, we all have our own favourite genre of games. Our own likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing the game we want to play. Sometimes we can decide to play a game as we like the genre but also the look of the game. From the style of the graphics to what the protagonist wears can have an effect on how we view a game and if we want to play it or not.

Then the opposite can be true to, we steer away from games that we think we won’t like. It can be anything that can put you off a game, be it the storyline or the look of the game. Not necessarily the graphical look but just something about the game puts you off it.

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Introduction to Atelier

As you may know, LadiesGamers covers a lot of the Atelier games. It is one of Yvonne’s favourite gaming franchises in the gaming world. If, like me, you are new to the series, let me tell you a little about the Atelier games. Atelier is a JRPG series that emphasizes crafting or alchemy as its primary gameplay and story component. These games typically star an up-and-coming alchemist.

To do the alchemy you need ingredients that you get by gatherings ingredients from around the world. You explore dungeons and meanwhile battle enemies to increase your experience. Upon acquiring all the proper components, the player can then return to their Atelier and perform syntheses based on recipes. Not only is it key to properly equipping your party for battle, but it also plays an integral role in progressing both main and side objectives.

paula's gaming ramblings LadiesGamers

Confession Time

Now I have to confess, I like RPG’s and JRPG’s but I have never played an Atelier game. Yes, I know, shock and horror!! Admin and writer for a gaming website that has never played one of the sites most popular games the site promotes. I should be ashamed of myself, though I’m not!

But that has been rectified now as recently Yvonne very kindly sent me her own copy of Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings to play on the Nintendo Switch.

I also have to confess that the reason I have never played an Atelier game up until now is pretty daft. I’m not a prude by any means, however, I can’t be doing with the over-sexualization of the female leads in Japanese games. By that, I mean the weird scantly clad females, with their overly frilly and revealing costumes. What’s with the garters on their legs and stockings, their low cut revealing tops at their age?

Their outfits are very inappropriate for girls in that age group. In this case, of Atelier Lydie & Suelle, the girls are 14-year-old twins. I have a granddaughter of that age, and I’d love to see her mother’s face if she appeared one morning at the top of the stairs dressed like Lydie & Suelle. I’m sure you could picture the scene too. My granddaughter Chloe would be told, “You better not be thinking you’re leaving this house looking like that”!

paula's gaming ramblings LadiesGamers


I realize that the Japanese feel differently on this subject, that fans of the series would probably make death threats over “censorship” if the girls’ outfits had been changed during localization. But it needs to be said. Sometimes, in my opinion things should indeed be changed during the localisation of games to other regions.

Another thing I don’t like about many Japanese games and here is a prime example: The voices of the main characters Lydie and Suelle are extremely high-pitched to the point where they hurt my ears. Though that is so easily rectified by turning the voices off and upping the music volume.

paula's gaming ramblings LadiesGamers

The Good Stuff

Now I’ve got that off my mind I shall mention that I am thoroughly enjoying my playtime with Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings, more then I had expected to. To coin a phrase my Grandchildren use, the gameplay is “awesome” and I’m thoroughly enjoying my adventure with the twins.Paula's Gaming ramblings LadiesGamers

Lets Brew Potions

I have learnt to ignore the costumes the characters wear…sort of. The gameplay keeps me occupied as there is so much to do and learn. Gathering ingredients and battling enemies in turn-based battles is just my thing!

The synthesis is a lot of fun, kinda like a mini-puzzle on its own. Making bombs and then using them in a battle has to be one of my favourite things to do in the game. There is more to the synthesis than first meets the eye, adding in a catalyst to get bonuses makes it a little more complex but still enjoyable.

Now my mind wanders to which Atelier game should I try out once I’ve finished my adventures with Atelier Lydie & Suelle, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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