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Paula’s Game Ramblings: Memories from Christmas Past

Welcome to another rambling, the last one for this year! Want to read more of them? Previous Ramblings can be found here. As the title of Memories from Christmas Past would suggest, I will be thinking back to when I was young and what Christmas was like then.

Memories from Christmas Past

Christmas is a time for family get-togethers and seeing folks you might not see much of over the year.

When I was a child, way back in the 60’s, we had some great Christmases. Money might have been scarce, but my parents always made sure Father Christmas paid a visit and left some presents under the tree for me and my sister Anne, who is ten years older than me.

Paula's Game Ramblings: Memories from Christmas Past
Decorations on the tree

We always had a real Christmas tree, as my Dad worked on a farm. Pine trees were in good supply in the area, and he used to cut one down for us. We’d spend time decorating the tree and hanging decorations around the living room. It’s funny, but I discovered I’m allergic to pine needles many years later.

Every Christmas Eve, we would hang our stockings (socks) on the fireplace and leave a glass of sherry and shortbread for the man with the white beard and a carrot for his reindeer. Then I went off to bed to try to sleep, which was difficult to do when I was excited.

My Mum was a fantastic cook and used to make Christmas cakes, though I never liked them as I don’t like fruit cakes. However, I did like the Christmas fairy cakes she used to bake decorated in icing with a Christmas theme. I probably liked them too much, as I remember getting told off for eating too many.

The day was a quiet affair, with presents opened on Christmas morning. A walk in the fresh air for a while, then going home for Christmas dinner which was the best bit.

No Video Games

Paula's game ramblings memories from christmas past
Anne and me

Of course, video games were unheard of back then; the internet hadn’t even been invented, and video games were still far off. However, there were toys and books to amuse us children. I enjoyed getting LEGO, though I got boxes of assorted bricks. LEGO sets were not a thing then, and you used your imagination to build something. One year, I was given a life-sized doll. I must have been about five years old at the time, and the doll was the same height as me. Unfortunately for the doll, I disliked it and removed its legs, arms and clothes; eventually, its head was used as a football. Oddly enough, I was never given a doll again, and I can’t figure out why. 😁

Family board games were another favourite, like Monopoly; my sister and I used to play it, and sometimes playing Monopoly ended in an argument between us. Ultimately, my Mum called the board game monotony as she always had to referee when arguments broke out. Christmas evenings were spent watching family shows and films in front of the TV. This was usually accompanied by my Dad snoring in his chair after eating too much.

Second Prize Photo

The local County Down newspaper held a photo contest when I was three. Mum decided she would take a photograph and enter it in the competition. So, this photo below is the one that was entered into the competition. It won second place, and my Mum was told it would have won first place if someone had thought to put something in the box meant to be a present.

second place photo

After Christmas Day was over, the following day, which in the UK is Boxing Day, we would have family visit us as all the Aunts, Uncles, and cousins arrived, and we would rerun Christmas Day.

Ah, such fun to take this walk down memory lane! Do you have any favourite memories from Christmas Day, do share! You can always leave a comment below!


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