Paula’s Game Ramblings: Time to Upgrade

Here I am, back again for another of my ramblings, this time I’m not going to ramble about games. Instead, I’m going to impart a tale of Laptop., “Eh what?” you may ask!

A Tale of Two Laptops

Yep Laptops! Around five years ago my daughter Siobhan, who lives in England, brought the whole family home to Northern Ireland for Christmas. We had a great time with, four adults and four children in a two-bedroom terraced house… it was lovely and cramped. No honestly, we did have a fantastic Christmas. 

I was gifted a laptop by Siobhan and her hubby, a Lenovo IdeaPad laptop. This was to replace my original laptop which had developed a fault. You see, some time before that my son in law, an engineer, decided he would fix my faulty laptop and me, being a fool, I said “sure, work away there, son” Little did I know at the time that was the last I would see of my laptop as the son in law took it apart and never quite got around to putting it back together again! So I really needed a new one! 

Paula’s Gaming Ramblings Time to Upgrade LadiesGamers
Old Faithful

Time to Retire the Old Laptop

After having the new Lenovo IdeaPad for quite a few years it naturally was running slow, and I mean really slow in loading and such. It crawled along, took an age to boot up etc. Well, you get the picture. I’ve been saying for a few months that I need a new laptop, I’m sure Yvonne has heard me say that more than once and if she had a £1.00 for every time she has heard it, Yvonne would be very rich by now!

So instead of talking about it, I hit the internet to do some research on what type of laptop I was after. Something not overly expensive was the plan…to start with that is!  I wasn’t sure what brand of laptop I wanted to invest in, would it be another Lenovo IdeaPad or an HP or maybe even a Dell.

Paula’s Game Ramblings Time to upgrade LadiesGamers
Bye-bye blue laptop!

Decisions to Make

Of course, I had to consider what I wanted to use the laptop for. Music, videos, video editing, and possibly a little gaming. I’m not a big PC gamer, it’s probably been thirty years or more since I played a game on a PC. But I felt I could try some game demos out at least. Anyway, my main reasons aside from a little gaming were for making videos and video editing, being able to use the dashboard (where we write our articles) on LadiesGamers without the laptop shutting itself down, and well, I needed a more up to date laptop.

After looking at the internet and reading numerous reviews over the space of weeks. I still wasn’t any closer to finding what I was looking for within my price range. Then I came across a website and had a look around it. They had all the usual suspects in laptop and Home computer brands and a brand I hadn’t heard of before.

Paula’s gaming ramblings LadiesGamers
MSI dragon emblem

MSI in all its Shiny Glory

An MSI laptop, in all its glory, shiny, black aluminium hair-brushed (whatever that means) with a Dragon emblem on the top of the laptop lid. Bang went my budget, the amount I was planning on spending went up a little, like a couple of hundred pounds, not much really!!

Paula’s Game Ramblings Time to upgrade
Black and shiny

I purchased the MSI GF63 Thin and in my humble opinion, it’s money well spent, but then I would say that since I spent it. After a few days of an impatient wait on my part, the laptop arrived from England.

I hastily got it out of its box, all the while admiring its glossy sleek black look. Turned it on and it booted up in seconds. Wow, it is such an improvement on my original laptop, it’s an absolute joy to use.

Since it arrived I’ve been finding out all that it can do. I’ve mainly been playing with video software and checking how my music sounds. I downloaded a few demos from Steam and such, gotta see what it does haven’t I?

As you can see below I’ve also been able to connect my Nintendo Switch to the laptop. And I’ve been enjoying the larger screen view, instead of the Switch sized screen!

I’ve big plans for my new toy, you’re going to have to excuse me as my precious and I are off to play some games!

paula's gaming ramblings LadiesGamers
Playing Animal Crossing New Horizons



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