Paula’s Game Ramblings: Travelling through Games

Just like everyone else had been saying lately about 2020, I’m going to say it to…well wasn’t that a strange year that no one expected. COVID-19 popped its ugly head up and changed most people’s normal routines.

I’ve spent the majority of the year shielding as I’m medically vulnerable, that’s a word I have come to hate over the last year along with “underlying conditions”. That is not how I see myself at all. Anyway moving on before that turns into a rant no one what’s to read.

Being in the house has given me ample time to do my most favourite thing in the world and that is….yep you guessed it, play games. Play games and write reviews and guides for LadiesGamers has been what my year has consisted of and It’s been very enjoyable.

I may not have been outside much throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t visited far off lands. I have visited some wonderful, beautiful and sometimes unique places in my games!

Off to Europe and Easter Islands

At the start of the year, I took a trip to Europe and met some new friends and acquaintances. Such as Tomek a romantic, neurotic young man travelling across Europe from his home town in Poland to Barcelona in the hopes of meeting up with a woman he met the year before in a bar.

Paula’s game ramblings LadiesGamers
Easter island

I assisted Tomek to find his love in Barcelona. Along the way I bumped into Adilia, an older lady who is a retired journalist who was planning on returning to Africa. We had long chats over coffee as we mulled over life in general and put the world to rights. Unfortunately, time pasted to quickly and it wasn’t long before I had to return home from my Wanderlust Travel Stories.

Sunning Myself on the Beach in Lanayru

In March I took a long extended trip to a lovely tropical sunny island. Where I settled in, did some sunbathing on the sandy shores. I made new friends and said Hello to welcome visitors that popped by. I camped out under the stars in my little tent and fished by the fading sunlight of an evening. So where did I find a sunny island to go to do I hear you ask? The island of Lanayru, in the far off land of Animal Crossing New Horizon! I still visit it daily to check in with my furry and feathered island friends. Tend to the flowers that have grown over the months, read my mail from the mailbox. Visit the shops and see what’s new and have a daily chat with Nook the crook who takes all my bells!

Paula’s game ramblings LadiesGamers
Hanging with friends

A Trip on a Horror Cruise Ship

In the few months after March, I broadened my horizons and went on a cruise ship for what was meant to be a luxury cruise. Unfortunately, that voyage took a turn for the worst when grotesque monstrosities from another dimension showed up. They overwhelmed the cruise liner and I had to help my fellow passengers escape from the mayhem. My advice: if you’re planning a trip on the good ship Dread Nautical go prepared for a choppy vacation.

Dread Nautical

Making New Friends in Mara

To recover from my, in hindsight not so luxurious, cruise, I decided I needed another break and took myself off to the island of Mara. I made new friends with the townspeople and visited the many, many surrounding islands in search of glittering treasure. While there I upgraded a boat I found and learned new food recipes to cook and sampled the local delicious fruits from the trees. I tended to my chickens and sheep on my tranquil home island in the land of Summer in Mara.

The sunshine was lovely during the Summer in Mara, but sometimes you just need a change of weather! That’s what happened when I took a trip to the north-west to a Scandinavian locale. A cold and snow-covered environment greeted me there, quite cold in shorts!

Paula’s game ramblings LadiesGamers
Spending the summer in Mara

Change of Climate

Trudging through the deep snow I met a young girl who told me her name is Tove. Poor Trove has lost her brother, so I agreed to go with Trove and help her search for him.

We looked high and low in the dark forest, and over the icy lake. We found large Trolls, some who where friendly and offered advice to find Trove’s brother. And some not so friendly trolls that we both had to run away and hide from.

The happy news is I did help Trove find her brother and I left the pair of them sitting in their log cabin beside the fire in the land of Röki.

Paula’s game ramblings LadiesGamers
A friendly troll

Stories told by Greek Gods

To finish my year of travels I visited a land where time has stood still for a while. I met Greek gods of old and helped young Fenyx put the nasty evil titan Typhon back where he belonged in Tartaros. We fought many a fierce battle against massive cyclops, Minotaurs, monster gladiators. The battles were tough but Fenyx and I managed to survive with the use of her trusty battle axe.

The gods Zeus and Prometheus kept our spirits up while we were adventuring by regaling us with hilarious stories from times gone past.

Paula’s game ramblings LadiesGamers

So there you have it, my adventures throughout the year even if I didn’t leave the house. I have travelled well using my imagination and the games I’ve been playing. Where have you visited last year via the games you have played?


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