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Paula’s long memories of Zelda

Here at LadiesGamers we’ve taken to sharing memories of why we love the Legend Of Zelda series. Have you ever noticed how Zelda fans can debate the game until they are blue in the face? So, I’ll add my two cents!

Memories go back to the late ’80’s

My interest in The Legend Of Zelda series started many years ago in the late 1980’s in fact. When I played the first game in the series on the Nintendo Entertainment System and that was it I was hooked, since then I’ve played nearly ever Zelda game in the series.

Like most gamers that have played the series we all have our own favourites out of all the games. 

When I turned on The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time on my N64 and watched Link and Epona gallop across Hyrule Field I knew I was about to start a wonderful adventure, spending hours roaming around Hyrule and completing the puzzles, collecting everything that I could. 

Favourite game in the series

For me Ocarina of Time was my favourite game in the franchise, there was just something about the freedom to roam that it offered and of course the dungeons and puzzles.

Years later, after playing Zelda on various Nintendo systems and replaying all the re-releases on the DS and 3DS The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of the Wild came along on the Switch.

BOTW has now taken over as my favourite game. To me it offers everything I want in a Zelda game, the freedom to roam over Hyrule, which I did for more than 1000 hours over various play through’s. The puzzles, quests and discovering new places on the map, the story telling and characters and the music are all the  things that make it a fantastic game for me. 


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