Perfect, a virtual life for ostriches

Are you an ostrich? I am.  No, not in the real sense of the word obviously, but figuratively speaking. I tend to shy away from the news in the real world. Don’t want to know about all the bad news that comes our way every day. I don’t have a subscription to a newspaper, don’t tune in to the news when I turn on the telly. Don’t want to get an avalanche of bad news every morning while I have my breakfast. I prefer to eat my cereal in peace, checking my social media and talking with my family.

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I have been told time and time again that it’s not good that I’m ignorant to what goes on in the world. I will answer that of course, I do know about the big problems Europe is facing with the fugitives that are fleeing the war, or the problems with the economic crises that seems to be on the recline but is still very real in some countries. But I fail to see what good it will do the world if I worry about it all day.

I guess that’s my problem with this: I worry about it. About all the horrible things people do to each other, things that happen to innocent children, the way animals are treated. I just know that if I dive in too deep, I won’t be able to let it go and it will influence me in my daily existence. So, I am an ostrich. And you know what works perfectly for us ostriches? Lose ourselves in a virtual world, whether it’s a game of a story.

Have a good book to curl up with at night, preferably a series where the virtual world extends into a reading experience that can go on for weeks. Or build a city or world in an app game, which will allow you to control everything that happens there. Or go on a quest in a good RPG, that doesn’t just focus on the the fighting but paints a world for you to enjoy.

I know most of my readers are gamers. Does it sound familiar to you, is this one of the reasons that you immerse yourself in a game? And if you’re not a gamer, does it sound familiar to you? Do you feel the need to escape reality in one form or another?


  1. I can definitely relate to the need to escape reality (sometimes when I’m supposed to be doing my finance readings, I pull out my 3DS to “take a short break”, a.k.a. design a few houses in Animal Crossing and oh, look, it’s been an hour already!). The important thing is that players understand that even though we can escape reality for an hour or two, OUR reality, real life, is more important (I remember reading articles somewhere about people playing MMOs who actually forget to sleep, eat, or take care of themselves and their families, and that’s where I think video games as escapism is dangerous).

    Coming from a journalism background, I totally understand where you’re coming from with regards to not wanting to hear the news. It seems like everything in the news is always the depressing, horrible stuff. I can’t say I’m an ostrich though, hehehe 🙂 I’ve got dozens of apps from different news organizations on my phone, with notifications set up for all of them ^_^’

  2. I definitely feel that way. I sometimes bury myself in my Pogo games, LinkedIn and reading/writing blogs. The news is depressing and I don’t trust what I read as always being true, so why bother. Unfortunately, I do keep up with most of the news as a means of just being in the know.

    1. About the news not always true, that never occurred to me until recently. I guess I was a bit naive in that, but remember all the flooding in Texas this summer? My good friend who lived in Oklahoma was saddened when she saw news coverage that part of the Riverwalk in San Antonio was washed away. It’s her husbands home town, and they were so sorry to see such a beautiful area marred. We visited San Antonio in July, and there was nothing wrong with the Riverwalk. I even asked one of the guides about it, no flooding!

  3. Yes the news definitely feels like a bombardment of tragedies most of the time! I prefer watching documentaries to keep up with what is happening in the world, I feel more educated about what is going on rather than just hearing lots of upsetting two minute stories that are difficult to really digest properly. Then I’ll usually need to read a book or some blogs to relax!

    1. Oh yes, the short stories and banners constantly revolving in your screen are the worst! Our morning news show has made it their mission to include at least one item of good news, and I really like that. Makes you feel as if there is still lots of good in this world.

  4. I actually wrote a piece a while back called, “Escaping Reality Or Exploring It?” where I discussed my take. I can see how games are used as an escape, but, for me, I feel like they help me explore the world around me and teach me to not give up by example of their safe confines.

    1. I’ll check it out Rebekah, your outlook that games teach you not to give up by example is a great one. The difference between us is that you take on difficult and hard games ( we talked about that on one of your blogs) while I tend to always take the relaxing road. Maybe for fear of failing the difficult road?

      1. I really do believe games (no matter the difficulty) can instill positive habits in those who play them. And sure, I’ve played some difficult games, but most games I play aren’t punishing by any means. I’ve dabbled in those, but that’s not the gaming experience I frequently want to have. I think there is room for all types of games, and I’m glad they exist. Some of the most interesting upcoming games (to me) are considered “walking simulators,” and that seems as far from punishing as I could imagine!

        Unless you don’t like walking, I suppose…


  5. Like you, I’m generally aware of what’s going on in the world but prefer to not dive in too deep. My free time is limited and there is more than enough to worry about in my life that is directly affecting me, that I am expected to deal with or handle, so I choose not to spend that time getting bummed out by all the horrible things going on elsewhere in the world. I know that they’re there but I also know there is a lot of wonderful out there too, and the wonderful is criminally under-reported. This may be why I always prefer fiction over nonfiction, be it books, movies, or games. I wouldn’t view it so much as an escape, rather a distraction. Tomato, tomahto. Regardless of your vice, I think it’s good to have a way to take your mind off of what you currently can’t affect from time to time.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, you are so right. Real life has so many challenges to deal with already, they take up enough energy as it is. No need to add negative energy about things that I can do nothing about.
      As I replied to Laura they should do more good news shows. And then I don’t mean the “fun” shows where people are asked to do the craziest things, but just everyday, nice things to talk about. To give people some positive energy instead. Maybe that’s why I so love Christmas movies: they always end well with a lot of loving going around!

  6. I no longer keep track of the news, as it’s so depressing and we are powerless to improve things. Gaming is a great way to escape the stress of real life be it war in a foreign land or problems closer to home.

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