Picross S will make its way to the Switch

As more and more games are flocking to the Switch, soon a well known puzzle game will be added to its library. Developer Jupiter is releasing the game in Europe, America and Oceania on September 28th priced at $7.99 / €7.99 / £7.19. So pretty soon you will be able to play the relaxing puzzles on Switch too.

Of course, this isn’t the first Picross game out there. Way back then, the first game was Mario Picross, developed by Jupiter and Nintendo for the GameBoy and released in 1995. Not an instant success in the West, but that didn’t stop them for releasing Picross DS in 2007. Mind you, lots of instalments were released in the period in between, but only in Japan. 

The DS game was much better received, with an overall score on Metacritic of 83%. This is from the description given about the game on Amazon back then:

Like finding the underlining ‘picture’ in a ‘crossword puzzle’, the goal in Picross DS is to fill a grid with squares and crosses in order to ‘paint’ a picture. Numbers at the head of the puzzles’ columns and rows signify how the grids need to be filled out, but it will take a sharp mind to figure out the solution – and some speedy fingers to defeat the competition.

Since then, many new Picross games have made it to various Nintendo consoles. A whopping 11 Picross games made it to the 3DS, including several themed ones. Like Pokémon Picross and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross. Not all of them could be bought here in the West though. Twilight Princess Picross was a game you can only earn in My Nintendo using Platinum Points. 

But, back to the here and now: now Picross S will be available in the eShop on Switch too. I recently reviewed Piczle Lines DX, and it really made me think of Picross gameplay. The Switch handheld screen lent itself perfectly for Piczle Lines DS. Being able to use the touchscreen to swipe in all directions will make sure Picross S will play like a dream too!

You can play the game together, as two players can play simultaneously. Check out the trailer below.

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