Pikachu Detective coming to 3DS

With all the fun games and updates upcoming as we saw in the mini Nintendo Direct this week, I was wondering if we would see any good games for the 3DS. Even though Nintendo embraced the New 2DS XL, new games are scarce. So when word was out of localisation of Detective Pikachu, known as Birth of a New Duo in Japan, it was a nice surprise.

The game follows a peculiar talking Pikachu who, despite not being as powerful and nimble as other Pikachu of his kind, is rather intelligent and claims to be a great detective. One day, Pikachu encounters a boy named Tim Goodman, who is able to understand what he is saying. A good thing too, imagine having to solve cases when you don’t understand each other?

Anyway, the two begin working together to solve various mysteries revolving around Pokémon in the city. After their first meeting, the two begin to chase two Aipom, one with ketchup on its hand and the other white paint, who were causing trouble by harassing citizens and stealing jewellery. And that’s the start of their sleuthing together.

pikachu detective screenA totally different game then a regular Pokémon game. The description reminds me more of Professor Layton, as you walk around scenes, find potential clues, and speak with people and Pokémon to uncover new information in the case you are handling.

The game has been out in Japan since February 2016, where it was a big hit. And now the expanded game is scheduled for release in America and Europe on March 23rd, with English voice acting included. Plus, a Pikachu Amiibo is to be released on the same day. I was pleasantly surprised seeing the trailer, might just be a game I’d enjoy.detective_pikachu_amiibo

This game even inspired a film in the making! The film is still being made, and we won’t get to see it until May 2019, but the actors names are known: Justice Smith is cast as Tim Goodman. Kathryn Newton is the female lead and Ryan Reynolds had been cast in the role of Detective Pikachu.



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