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Pikmin Bloom to Lighten Up Your Day

Nintendo has a couple of IP’s that aren’t as well know as Mario, Donkey Kong and the Legend of Zelda. They happen to be the ones that usually bring a smile to my face: ChibiRobo and Pikmin. This news isn’t about ChibiRobo, though. If we ever get a simulation title featuring the little robot on the Switch, I’ll be celebrating. No, this news is about Pikmin. 

Pikmin Bloom is Close

Niantic and Nintendo have announced the real successor to Pokémon Go and it could land in the AppStore and on Android any day now. 

The official announcement is that the app will “bring a little joy to your everyday journeys on foot. Walk to grow more Pikmin, walk to make flowers bloom, and walk to log your memories”. 

Pikmin Bloom LadiesGamers

In Pikmin Bloom you go out walking, much like in Pokémon Go, and meanwhile you can collect seeds and grow those cute creatures, the Pikmin, by placing them in your incubating pedometer backpack. If they are grown, you can pull them out and name them if you wish. After which it’s added to your growing army of collectors. Aside from seeds, they will collect fruit as you walk, turning it into nectar. If you then feed them this nectar, the bulbs on their heads will bloom and give off petals. These petals leave a trail of flowers everywhere you walk, upping your seed growing bonus. Plus, if the trail of flower petals gets big enough, giant flowers will pop up (think PokéStops) 

A Pleasant App to Accompany you on your Day

Pikmin Bloom doesn’t aim to be all time consuming like Pokémon Go, where the battles came to be a purpose on its own. Instead, this is more of a walking app that counts your steps and aims to get you off the couch or your office chair to exercise. What especially appeals to me as well is the Lifelog, which is a daily summary of your steps and of memories. Memories are photos taken from your camera roll, if you grant the app access. 

Pikmin Bloom LadiesGamers

And of course, if you link your Nintendo Account, you can play as your Mii character too and I’ll bet there are some in-game benefits to get from spending your platinum coins on it (though I can’t vouch for it myself yet.)

The game is available already in some countries, with the launch rolling out in other regions over the next couple of days.

The official launch trailer is down below.



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