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Pixsaw Review

Game: Pixsaw
Genre: Casual, Indie
System: Steam (Windows)
Developer | Publisher: Latte Games JSC
Controller Support: No
Price: US $2.99 | UK £2.49 | EU € 2,99
Release Date: December 20th, 2023

Review code provided with many thanks to Latte Games JSC.

Pixsaw is a 2023 puzzle game developed and released by Latte Games JSC.

Pixsaw A puzzle started.
A puzzle started.

The Gameplay of Pixsaw

Pixsaw combines puzzles with good old pixel coloring pages. We have the shape we’ll be coloring in the middle of the screen. It’s divided into blocks with letters. On the right-hand side, we have available colored blocks to fit into the shape. The blocks are sized and shaped differently, much like in the classic Tetris game. They also contain lettered blocks.

If you hover over the main shape, you can find where the block fits without looking at the letters, simply because its place lits up. Keep in mind that you need to look at the letters. Initially, there are no alternative places for the blocks, but as the puzzles get more extensive, you can place a block in several places. Still, in some instances, I found it’s much faster to hover over the shape until everything is fitted. The fitting blocks can’t be moved or rotated in any way. The only control is the mouse.

If you click on a letter on the right-hand side, you can see where each color is located on the big shape.

Pixsaw A lot of puzzles.
A lot of puzzles.


Pixsaw has various pictures to complete, from animals to seasons, foods, plants, etc. The images are grouped into six categories by size: small, medium, large, X large, 2X large, and 3X large, each containing 50 puzzles. Each category is unlocked upon the completion of the previous one.

Art Style and Some Side Notes

Visually, Pixsaw is an adorable and colorful game. The controls are snappy and responsive. The color scheme is appealing to the eye. After some of the completed puzzles, a cute animation is in pixel style. The music is nothing special, but good enough not to turn off.

Pixsaw Completed!

Regarding settings, Pixsaw offers toggles for sound, light mode, and How to play instructions. There are no Steam Achievements or Trading Cards as of yet.


Pixsaw is a good game, but if it had more variety in the gameplay, so, for example, options to change the color or maybe the option to toggle off the colored outline where a shape fits, it might’ve been more engaging. Pixsaw might be alright to play some levels here and there. I do wish all-size puzzles were unlocked at the beginning. Still, it’s a nice and colorful puzzle game that can help you pass the time if you like this type of puzzle.

Final Verdict: I Like it. I like it

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