Please, merge New Leaf and Happy Home Designer

Dear Nintendo,

First of all, let me tell you I’m very happy that I got to know you better 10 years ago, you gave me so much gaming fun. I could never have foreseen that my first steps in Animal Crossing Wild World would lead me to the gaming and blogging existence that I now thoroughly enjoy. Thank you for that!

Second, you’ve managed to make another hugely addictive title with Happy Home Designer. All the design choices, the huge range of items to decorate with. The exquisite miniatures, such a joy to look at how you’ve managed to copy real life items down to the last detail. All the favorite characters that appear in the game, each with their own unique personality. Racing through town in your little car, going back and forth to check up on your clients. The Amiibo cards are an inspired addition, the fans are over the moon to see their favorites on the little cards. Trading clubs are popping up everywhere, and being able to bring items over to a friends game with them is ace.

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You really went about it in a clever way, Nintendo. At first you wonder how this is going to hold your attention for long enough, but pretty soon you can’t wait to dive into another design assignment. You don’t want to let the client down, and each project now easily takes an hour to complete to perfection. The way each client can potentially mean your inventory gets extended with new beautiful items. And then added to that every new feature  you can unlock with your play coins. All the fossils, bugs and fish, all in one place. The sewing machine that can store all the QR codes you want, available to decorate items and paths alike.  It’s almost too much to take in. And then there’s the online gameplay, visiting friends projects, entering the competition that gives you the extra items in your inventory. I loved the Candy House and the Massive Cake that I was able to take home just for participating. Truly sweet!

But, and there’s always a but: Nintendo, why oh why didn’t you make a connection with the New Leaf game? You missed the opportunity to add Streetpass to the game, which I really don’t understand. How great would it have been to show off your favorite project to passerby? And a connection to New Leaf would have just been grand. Done with work for the day, my little YvoCaro could have gone home, tired but happy. And could have made use of all the items she had worked with on the job. She could even have raced through town in the little red and white car. Used all the designs she already had in New Leaf. Used the design ideas in the homes of her neighbors in New Leaf instead of sending them items and hoping they would have enough design sense to put them in the right place.

Numerous possibilities. So what do you say, Nintendo? Maybe roll-out an update for both games to make the connection? Us fans would be over the moon! I mean, our Ladies & Gaming Facebook group is already exploding over the chatter about Happy Home Designer, imagine how it would be if we had the connection between our two favorite games!

Think about it, okay?


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