Pocket Camp Friend Finder to get you in the mood

The month of November is flying by, so while it seemed a long time before Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would reach us, it’s getting close. To get us in the mood, Nintendo has this little Friend Finder live, as a promo.

And before we check out what this little game is about, I was wondering about the last dates you can play it. See what I mean? Does this mean we get the mobile game Pocket Camp on November 23rd?

Anyway, you can play Friend Finder untl:

Europe: November 22nd at 3.59AM
UK: November 22nd at 2.59AM
North America (ET): November 21st at 9.59PM
North America (PT): November 21st at 6.59PM
Japan: November 22nd at 11.59AM

Here‘s how it works: 

First of all, find the website here, in your PC’s browser or on your mobile device. Answer a few questions from Katrina, and you’re matched up with an animal friend (there’s 17 of them in total). If you don’t like who you’re paired with, you can only try again…. as long as you don’t select “Sounds good to me!”;

You can collect various items in four separate maps (Lost Lure Creek, Market Place, and OK Motors), alongside the animal friend you were paired with. There’s 3 items in each map.

Those items can then be exchanged for wallpapers by talking to Katrina. But those items can only be used in the promo game, not in Pocket Camp itself. What’s nice, is that you can also send items to other players by using Social Media.

In order to collect items, you first need to sign in with your Nintendo Account ( which nets you 200 Platinum Coins once). Also, once a day, you can receive a Log-in Bonus that helps you search for items (it refreshes at 7PM PT / 10PM ET / 3AM BST / 4AM CET / 12PM JST).


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