Pokémon fever

We’ve talked about Pokémon Go on here, and there’s no escaping the mobile game is a huge success. I won’t repeat everything that’s been in the media on here, I guess if you’re even remotely interested in gaming, you’ve read the stories. The positive, and, as the media is so happy to point out, the negatives. I must admit the nay-sayers annoy me tremendously, and this post that I saw on Facebook this morning made me smile:

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What I wanted to talk about was the side-effect of Pokémon Go: in financials, where Nintendo shares prices have doubled since Pokémon Go was released in the first country. I’m kinda sorry I didn’t buy a few, should have seen the effect coming of their first mobile game hitting the market. Of course, MiiTomo was the first sojourn in the new era, but it’s not really a game, now is it? This is exactly what I wrote about some time ago, when the mobile game for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were announced: strategically, this is the way for Nintendo to go if they want to survive. You can read my thoughts about it here.

The other side effect is for me personally: I hope there’ll be an update soon that makes battling one on one and trading possible, as there’s not much for me to do yet. Capturing of course, but you can’t fill your day gaming with that. So I reached back for a game that has been waiting patiently for me since the end of 2013. I went back to Pokémon X, as did my daughter. Nothing better then to be enthusiastic about a game, and having someone close to you playing it too!image

I entered the game having won 7 gym badges already, and could quickly pick up the story as I was close to meeting legendary Xerneas and battle against Team Flare and Lysander. To be honest, I had forgotten how well this game is made. Sure, the story is pretty much along the lines of all Pokémon games and the battling and capturing is about the same. But there’s so much to do in the game besides the main ingredient, you can easily add hours and hours of fun to it. image

I like collecting Pokémon and the Pokéberries, and X and Y makes all of that such fun. Wonder trades over the Internet, the Global Trade Station and trading with random players that you see on your screen. It all works so well, I got some cool Pokémon this way with exotic Japanese names, which makes it even more attractive.

We’ve pulled out our gaming guide, read up on the mechanics to make eggs and I managed to catch a Ditto. I was reminded of all the beasties I had in the PokéBank, and that I had to prolong my membership.Wouldn’t want to loose all those hard won catches.

I think we can safely say that we caught the Pokémon Fever! I have left Snowbelle City behind and I’m  walking Victory Road at the moment. There’s nothing like the feeling of being totally into a game, sharing it with someone and having ample time to give into the fever. What about you, has Pokémon Go had a similar effect on you?






  1. Typo -“…being torally into a game”

    While I don’t feel the need to go back to X/Y and/or ORAS (beat them both and completed my Pokedex in OR), I kinda want to play one of the originals from the eShop on my 3DS and I CAN’T wait for Sun/Moon!

    My son and I totally have the fever though with GO!

    1. Thanks, corrected the typo!
      I have this bad habit of hardly ever finishing a game, so lucky for me I had some unfinished PK business.
      So you know how it is to feel like you can’t wait for Sun and Moon!

  2. It’s taking me a while to get the hang of but I really like Pokemon Go! Especially as it is nice and sunny so going outside to catch Pokemon is quite appealing. You’ve reminded me that I still haven’t completely finished the story in Pokemon X either! Maybe I should revisit it too.

    1. You’re like me then, I have several Pokemon adventures stalled in time too. I always say to myself that I just go with the gaming mood. Works fine for me, I hadn’t thought to go back into the game this time!

  3. Pokemon is actually a game series I’m very close with. It was one of the first games I ever got attached to! I beat Pokemon Y, (I still find it so odd that Yveltal is based on a Norse deity) ’cause Yveltal is cool. I remember some fans were actually disappointed with the game, because of the story being lackluster compared to Black and White and Black and White 2, and the lack of post-game content.

    I thought the story was very heartwarming at the end (Though I get Van Hohenheim vibes from AZ), I think most of it was the typical “Save the world from an obvious villain” plot. And as for the rivals, advice for Gamefreak, please stick to one or two per game. It’s HARD to write multiple characters, and that must be why Trevor and that one other kid were so underdeveloped. Thankfully, Sun and Moon is focusing on just one (Maybe two, if we count Lillie).

    Can not wait for Sun and Moon! Even if I’m confounded by their inspiration. Seriously, HAWAII??? Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s mainly known as just some pretty paradise of a vacation spot whose culture BARELY gets any attention. I’m sure they can pull it off, but I just find it a bit offputting, coming from someone who’s only been to Hawaii once in her whole life and has never been called “Cousin” by any of the inhabitants.

    1. Lol, I’ll have to look into what you mean by called cousin. I only know Hawaii from watching a lot of Magnum PI, and I bet that isn’t the real Hawaii either.
      Some weeks ago I wasn’t sure whether I’d go for sun and moon, feeling I should finish my other PK games first. But now I’m sure, looking forward to a new adventure!

  4. I hold the Pokemon series near and dear to my heart. Pokemon GO has been awesome for me, as a fan who has grown up with it since the beginning. It’s also certainly gotten me more excited for Sun and Moon, as have the new trailers showing off the new Pokemon. I played a lot of X/Y when it came out, many hours worth. Pokemon GO and other games will keep me occupied until the next generation comes out. And I’ll be ready to catch ’em all again when that happens!

    1. And what’s so great is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to battle to your hearts content, or try to get your collection complete. For me it’s the latter, and trying to get a balanced team. Dragons are my preferred PK by the way.

      1. I agree! I’m more of a collector, but I always try to make one battle team per generation, usually consisting of new Pokemon and ones that I’ve always wanted to train up. I usually end up including at least one dragon on my team. They’re strong and usually have cool designs. I love how much there is to do in each game!

        1. Me too. And I’m so happy to have a PK with ice beam in my party now, as that was always my Waterloo when I fought with dragons in my team!

  5. Adding one-on-one battles to Pokemon Go is a must, that’s for sure!

    As for Pokemon X, it is a great game. I am glad you picked it back up. Have fun finishing it!

  6. I’ve had Pokemon fever since I was, like, 10. 😉
    Nice to see you’re having fun with X/Y. They were solid games. But Black and White have a special place in my heart. It was the first time in a while that I ever felt truly engrossed in a Pokemon story. Now I’m just pretty excited for Sun and Moon. I’d love to see teasers for some of the trainer classes, gym leaders, and Elite Four.

    1. It’s strange, I’m very much into a good storyline in games, but somehow the tale in the PK games never stick in my memory, though I played Black and White too.
      As you’re a lifelong fan, you must be happy with all the attention it’s getting now!

      1. I’ll be honest, I never really cared for the Pokemon storylines either… UNTIL B/W. I guess I just had a soft spot for N. The final battle against him and then Ghetsis was actually challenging, and I hadn’t been challenged by a PKMN since Gen 2.
        It’s kind of surreal to see such a huge surge in Pokemon’s popularity, haha.

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