1. I love all the shared experiences everyone is having with this game. So many people are talking about it, sharing about it, and meeting new people outside through it. It’s amazing and heartwarming.

    1. It is indeed! And everyone is talking about it, even non gamers. I even heard my coworkers talking about how their kids were playing. Made me smile!

  2. Everyone’s been chatting about this game! And I must say, it’s amazing to see so many people, even those who aren’t even interested in gaming (Even my own mother, who once had that mindset that “All video games are violent and cause violence”, is playing the game herself!), playing this game together and getting along. Heck, I’ve seen fellow gamers walking along, playing Pokemon GO themselves and searching for Pokemon. Even though I don’t have the game yet, I can’t wait to get it!

    1. My daughter, who hates walking the dog, even offered to take her out after dinner. Just to see if she could catch some critters! I’ll be curious to see how long the hype lasts!

  3. With all the negativity in the news, it’s been incredible to see all this happiness and read these great stories of people having a fun experience. I’ve loved playing Pokemon Go so far, it’s gotten me back into finishing Pokemon Yellow on my 3DS and I just ordered the collector’s edition of Sun/Moon! It’s positivity in a world that desperately needs it!

    1. And positivity is something we desperately need, I agree. I know there are negative media comments too, but anything that gets people walking, getting together and happy sharing and playing is perfect in my book!

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