Poll Game of the Year 2018

It’s the time of year again, time to choose our Handheld Game of the Year 2018!

A difficult task this year. Even though the 3DS and the PS Vita did see some new titles, it wasn’t a staggering number. But the Switch got so many new titles that it’s an impossible task to present you a full list. I compromised in the end by naming 3DS and Vita titles that are more well known. Added a few mobile titles that got attention on LadiesGamers. And for the Switch, I only mentioned the big titles for Switch plus the titles we reviewed here on the site.

Still, it’s quite an impressive list! I would like to ask you to pick your top 3 games you enjoyed most. They have to be released in 2018 on any handheld device. And if you are missing your favourite game on the list, you can either drop me a line to add it or vote for it under “other”.

The Poll is open until December 30 so be sure to add your votes in time!

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  1. Cattails (PC)
    Love the game. Bought it for my lil girl. She played quite a bit till my PC messed up due to Win10 update. I have not wiped out the whole PC and reinstall win10 (couldn’t do the reset have to download the software from Microsoft and override it) Let this game on my Steam library for a while. Decided to play like a few weeks ago. I have fun hunting for items and building relationship. Pretty simple game.

    Crashlands (PC)
    Didn’t know it was also a mobile game till I read it on either their review or discussion page, lol! But I had fun with this as well. I am a sucker for hunting/gathering items but not farming.

    Dragon Quest Builders (Switch)
    Read your review and decided to play. Again same as above. I don’t mind games that require hunting and gathering but Stardew Valley, farming and such is not my cuppa tea. I may give them a try but usually they will end up collecting dust.

    Moonlighter (PS4)
    Can’t wait for Switch release so got it from PS4. Love and hate it. Love playing, going into the dungeon, catching thieves in my store, but upgrading my wares is too expensive and random generated dungeon.

    Pokémon Let’s Go (Switch)
    Similar to old Pokemon game but with better graphic than 3ds. Interesting way to catch the Pokemon, and I like that I can see them and not random hidden encounter.

    Smoke and Sacrifice (Switch)
    Beautiful game, sad that once you complete you can’t freely go back to the underworld to explore.

    There are of course other games that I enjoyed very much but are mostly from PC. ( this are the few I like very much and some still playing)

    Graveyard Keeper
    Feel the snow
    Quest Hunter
    World to the west
    Mutant Year Zero

    Playing at the moment:-
    Atom RPG
    Garden Paws
    Moon Hunters ( it’s on Switch too I have it on wishlist but never did get it for Switch)
    Evoland 2 ( on Mobile too But prefer on PC)

  2. Thank you for giving us your thoughts on the games, Sab! You know how I always love to hear your thoughts on games, and tips on PC games that might just come to handheld in future. Garden Paws is one that should be coming to the Switch after Steam. Already confirmed but we have some waiting to do. I did look at Graveyard, but I’m unsure if that would be one for this family friendly site, lol. But I’m sure gonna check out your other PC tips. They might make good material for my articles!

  3. Graveyard keeper is pretty friendly for family friendly site ( well I would think so, cos nothing scary, gore, dissecting the corpse is also not really disgusting ( for my taste ) I find the game rather cute, but that’s just me, lol! . )

    Mutant Year Zero and Atom thou, not so friendly, lol! More like for Adult fun.

    Upcoming for Next year but I don’t recall if any of them said they will consider console (particularly for Nintendo Switch)
    you might want to check out:-
    Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands
    Knights And Bikes

    1. I did check our Graveyard keeper and even began writing about it. But while I described what had to be done it all sounded pretty gruesome lol. But, I’ll take your word for it and put it back on the list of articles!

      The others you mentioned have been copied to the list as well. This way I’ll be able to keep up the weekly From Steam to Switch articles for many weeks!

  4. I can’t keep up! lucky we have twitter ( follower developer and publisher ), Steam and eshop wishlist. I even download Keepnote app on my phone to note down those that I read from public reply to the dev/pub for later search, lol!

    Don’t just take my words for it for graveyard Keeper, cos I don’t take games too seriously so I hardly (or never) get offended by it (I know some might take witch hunt/burn the witch a little offensive. So it’s really up to you and your readers. 🙂 Maybe see if you can described it in a funny way, lol!

  5. I’m currently exploring the cultural victory with the Australians.
    I’m having so much fun stamping the Wonders out of the ground! I’m playing on settler difficulty, so the other civilizations leave me alone for the most part.

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