Poll results show the future of Ladiesgamers.com

Two weeks ago I asked you in a poll what you’d like to see covered here on Ladiesgamers.com. If you are a regular here, you will have seen that not all blog topics are gaming related anymore. Talking about video games has become interspersed with everyday life things. I guess when you wanna write you gotta write!

You voted in the poll, and I’m pleased to say the results are just about what I had expected. Most readers want to see more gaming reviews and thoughts on gaming in general. And at the same time, a third of the voters are interested in reading more about everyday life and travels too. I went ahead and changed the name of the site from A Lady and Gaming to A Lady and Gaming Plus: I will keep on focusing on gaming, and at times you’ll see other content here too.

The menu should guide you through the website easily enough.

  • Thoughts in gaming: more general, not about specific games, but about the industry as a whole ( like Are games aimed at girls real games?) plus topics only a gamer can understand (like Those poor critters in video games)
  • About games, where each category of video games is available in a drop down menu which makes finding your favorite gaming platform easy.
  • Game reviews, again organized in gaming platforms.
  • Non-gaming things, shows all articles that have nothing or hardly anything to do with gaming. A drop down menu puts them in Everyday Life, Travels or Writing101.
  • Collections shows s drop down menu of blogs orgnanized in topics. Looking back to everything I’ve written there are some recurring topics, like Star Trek, Harvest Moon games and the ‘game chooser’ The Right game for the Right time.
  • About me is just that, plus some contact info. I’ve added a contact form, so if you want to ask me something directly, feel free to do so.

Thanks for voting and reading!


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