Popin Miniature cooking fun

Two years ago I posted a video on here showing Popin Cooking. My daughter and I marveled at this tiny way of making things that look life-like. It’s so typically Japanese, where else could it come from? At the time I wrote:

Last year we visited a Japanese supermarket while in San Francisco, and though we didn’t buy much, we had lots of fun just checking everything out and marveling about it . Over here in the Netherlands we don’t have stores like that, so this year I’m going to try and find a similar store in Orlando. By now my daughter is looking forward to browsing such a store too, mainly because she found some Youtube videos of popin cookin, to be imported from Japan.image

Silly things really, hardly worth the trouble of going through so much to make them, and just eat them in a matter of seconds. But just the fact that it is so small and delicate, and that every single thing you need is incorporated in the box, fascinates me. I just couldn’t tear myself away from watching the video when my daughter alerted me to it. So, we are on a mission to find that store!

(entire article and video here)

We didn’t find it in Orlando that year though. Now, two years later, the boxes can be bought over here too.  She really enjoys making them, but let me tell you, they taste awful! So, just for show!Popin cooking, sushi

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