PoPoLoCrois, lets get to plowing the field!

This week I read of a new initiative: “Harvest Moon teams up with PoPoLoCrois!”
My interest was drawn to that message because of two things. First, because I love playing Harvest Moon. Just to get any confusion out of the way immediately, we are talking about the Harvest Moon games that are originally called the Bokujou Monogatari games in Japan. Their own next upcoming game is Story of the Seasons in the west. ( Confused? Read http://wp.me/p43dCw-4A).

Secondly because of the name PoPoLoCrois….I mean, who thinks of a name like that? It stuck in my mind and I decided to delve deeper. After all, I’m always keen on new interesting games.They are making a 3DS game, it will be called PoPoLoCrois Farm Story. Though the name doesn’t imply it, it will be an RPG. Even more interesting!

PoPoLoCrois is originally a manga series in a newspaper, and was adapted into an anime series later. The title comes from a combination of the Italian word for people ( popolo) and the French word for crossing ( croix). And it means so much as “crossing of people”. The general theme is that the importance of friendship is much greater then which race you belong to. Several games have been made until now, but all of them featured on the Playstation, which would be the reason why I’d never heard of them. The battle in the games is random and turn based, with a strategy twist. Games about a young prince and his friend, out to save his parents, and, in a later game, even to save the world.

I just don’t see yet how it could lead to a farming RPG, but maybe we have to think along the lines of Rune Factory or even Fantasy Life? I will keep my eye on it, could be a nice one!

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