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A few days ago someone who read some of my blogs for the first time, commented on how pleasant it was to read positive articles on here. I was very touched by the compliment, as I feel it’s important to write with a positive attitude.

I try to keep my blogging positive because I find it gives me energy, and I think it will give my readers energy too. This however doesn’t mean that I write positive reviews about just any game that comes along. That wouldn’t make my thoughts on gaming worth much, now would it? No, I find that I can only write about a game when I can put my enthusiasm in it. So I play games I think I’m going to like, and I won’t buy games that don’t appeal to me. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t great games, just games that are not for me! I’m pretty sure other bloggers can make a much better review for them, as they feel the love for them.

Staying up to date with gaming news I frequently visit various forums and all kinds of gaming groups on Facebook. Sometimes I’m unpleasantly surprised at the negativity people ventilate towards each other. And by the way people feel the need to attack others about their gaming opinions or just seem to want to make trouble. I honestly cannot imagine how it would make someone feel better to spread negativity this way. And it certainly doesn’t give me energy reading it!

On the other hand, through my blog, on social media and in the forums I’ve met a lot of nice and enthusiastic people too. So I’d like to say, let’s just ignore the people who feel the need to make trouble and spread negativity. In the meantime, I’ll keep on writing positive blogs!


  1. The Internet is filled with too much negativity. So it is always a breath of fresh air to find something positive and full of good energy.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Trolls are alive & well on the entire internet including FB, and often it’s no more apparent than when the talk turns to gaming. Which is silly – they’re GAMES, like: for enjoyment. Not everyone has to agree w/ other people’s choices but we can all agree not to feed the troll, or feed into others’ negativity. Kudos to you for being a positive light, Yvonne.

  3. Very true!

    What baffles me the most is that you always have a choice to do one thing or the other and certain people seem to naturally choose negativity (conciously or not).

    Discussion and even criticism is welcome of course, it can be interesting to see things from a different angle, as long as it happens in a respectful manner.

    It’s refreshing to have a site like this, where it’s still about one person sharing their passion and fun for our hobby, so yes, thank you for that. ^____^

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