PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller for Switch and Charging Base

Many thanks to Heaven Media for supplying the PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller and Charging Base for review.

The wireless PowerA Fusion controller for Switch is aimed at an audience that loves the pro-possibilities it offers. It features four customizable rear paddles and over 20 hours of battery life. Those are some impressive specs, but is this a device that suits me? After all, I am a handheld gamer only, so would a separate controller would be a bit redundant. And I don’t exactly need it either for quick reactions in my games, which are mostly of the laid-back type. First, though, let’s see what’s included in the package of the PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller.

PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller

What’s in the Box?

The sturdy box holds a hardcore shell with a zipper to make sure your controller comes to no harm. Opening that up, I found the controller in its moulded bed and a black matte finish cover on the controller. On the back of the controller, the pro paddles are already installed, but there’s also a little cover plate to use should you want to take the pro paddles off.

PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller

The lid of the case holds a magnetic white faceplate with red rims around the thumbstick holes. Finally, you’ll also find two different-sized thumbsticks should you want to change the set that’s on the controller and a nearly 10-foot-long braided USB-C cable.

The smaller box that arrived held a Charging Base. And this Charging Base is to be connected to one of the USB ports of the Switch cradle, after which it can charge your joy-cons and your wireless controller. The Charging Base has a weighted base to make sure your precious controllers don’t topple over.

At the bottom of the Charging Base, you will find a little USB-C plug that you can take out and put in your PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller. After that, you can put the Controller effortlessly on the Charging Base, where it will connect to the power slider.

Using the Wireless Controller in Handheld Mode

Let me tell you that the wireless controller has proven to be a very welcome addition to my gaming devices. Not for the reasons that attract most avid gamers to such a device, so not to be able to do smash fighting, intricate moves or action gaming on your big screen. I have found it to be a much more comfortable way of gaming. Putting the Switch on the stand I already had, and meanwhile controlling my game with the Bluetooth controller worked perfectly.

Connecting the Controller to the Switch was easy. You just press the little sync button and let your Switch search for the Bluetooth controller in the Controllers Menu in your settings. You choose Change Grip/Order where you will get the following screen. Push the little sync button on top of the Controller, and your Switch should find the device seamlessly.

As long as you don’t use the PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller on another device, it instantly connects again with your Switch after you’ve been away. You can try out the pro paddles on the back handle easily. You can choose for yourself which functions you would like to remap to the paddles, works well too. The only thing that’s missing from the performance is the rumble doesn’t work on it.

A 3,5mm jack is available, but I haven’t been able to try them out as I simply don’t have any headphones anymore with that plug. I did use my AirPods via Bluetooth simultaneously, and that worked well. The PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller feels very comfortable in my hands. The rubberized grips give it a sturdy feeling and I don’t have to hold my Switch, which is easier on my wrists.

Does it Work on the SteamDeck too?

Short answer: yes it does. And I think I will use it even more for my SteamDeck, as the device is a bit clunky to hold. You can connect it through the settings and Bluetooth, once again using the sync button. I have to stumble upon two problems though when mixing my use of the Controller on the Switch and the SteamDeck.

After using it on the Switch, it wouldn’t connect anymore on the Deck. I had fully expected it to need a sync again, but it was very iffy. I had to let the SteamDeck forget the device altogether, and pair it all over again. Other than that, it worked fine, and I was able to control my games in a comfortable way.


Overall, I like the PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller and the Charging Dock. It was a first for me, and to me, it proved that it works well for this handheld gamer. I’d recommend it to fellow gamers. If you are interested in the PowerA Fusion Wireless Controller and the Charging Base you can find them on the PowerA website and at most major retailers.


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