Princess and Knight, nice if you like Fire Emblem

At the time when I bought Fire Emblem for my 3DS on a whim I had no idea I was buying a game I would love to bits, no idea that it was a genre that I would love so much. This recently released iOS app game has the same kind of strategic gameplay that I loved in Fire Emblem so I decided to give it a try. The app costs € 2,69/ $ 2,99 but at least that means no ads, no timers, no episodes you must buy. Just the real deal, a full fledged game, nice for a change!

Princess and Knight, Strategy RPG, FE, Nintendo, 3DS, DS, app gamingIt’s an game that’s an Indie project, by developer Ha Ryong Hong, and it tells us the story of the last Princess of the Farell Kingdom. Judging by the prologue the story isn’t as engaging as the story behind FE, plus as far as I’m concerned it might have been a little less bloody, but alright, I can overlook that. The English translation left a bit to be desired originally, but an update has already remedied that! And the storyline is good, and that’s important!
The game gives you good graphics, both in the tactical boards and in the cutscenes. The tactics are well thought through, there are a lot of things to influence during battle like the direction the character is facing, the sort of attack and the posture. The first battle was a tough one for me, I had to try it again and again, mainly because I went at it from a wrong point of view. Took me some time to figure out that amoung my soldiers I could only influence Harry Hunt and Harold Cain, and that last one had to stay alive in order to claim victory. And because of that the guards automatically did their duty, and guarded him as best they could. After I got the hang of that we were finally able to defeat the rebel commander and at last rescue the Princess from her room. Only to be attacked again immediately after that of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a strategic game, now would it?
Princess and Knight, TeamSoftIceCream, SRPG, KoreaI haven’t gone far yet but I think this game is well worth the money you pay for it. If you like Fire Emblem, chances are you will like this too. And if you want to take a chance for this kind of money on a new kind of game and try this app game, you just mind find it a good idea to go for Fire Emblem for 3DS in the long run!

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