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Q&A: Getting to know Mina

It wasn’t so long ago that Mina Smith joined our ranks as a writer at LadiesGamers. Time to get to know her a little better in this Q&A, especially for our Patrons in Tier 2 and 3.

Who is Mina?

We know you are 36 years old and you live in the USA, in Richmond, Virginia. Can you tell us about your personal life?

I live with my husband and cat in Richmond; I am a full-time writer and editor for a couple of websites. I love cats, board games, video games, TCGs, and TTRPGs as well. I am also a big anime and manga fan, and I was an art major in college because I wanted to be a comic book artist when I got older. I ended up writing instead though.

Want to read more about Mina? How she is a full-time writer and editor and what kind of things she writes about? How she came to be a gamer and what kind of games she likes?…………..Then read the rest of the interview by becoming a patron in Tier 2 or 3!
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