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Q&A with Kristin

It wasn’t so long ago that Kristin Emanuel joined our ranks as a writer at LadiesGamers. Time to get to know her a little better in this Q&A in a special interview, published for our Patrons in Tier 2 and 3. Consider joining us on Patreon in Tier 2 or Tier 3 for as little as $3.00 a month and unlock it all!

1. Who is Kristin?

We know you are in your late twenties and that you live in the Midwestern United States. Can you tell us about your personal life?

I’m a full-time PhD student studying Poetry & Poetics. I received a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry prior to enrolling in doctoral studies. My main interests involve visual poetry and environmentally focused writing. In the past, I have taught college courses and workshops; I hope to teach more in the future!

Q&A LadiesGamers

Who lives with you?

I currently live with my animals.

Q&A LadiesGamers
A perfect little lemon!

Jitterbug the canary: My favorite alarm clock! He wakes me up every morning. (His songs are like sound effects from an old science fiction movie.) I’ve officially lived with him for three years now, and I cannot describe how much joy he has brought into my life.


Q&A LadiesGamers
In fluff-mode.

Pixel the cockatiel: I volunteer for an avian rescue that shelters homeless birds, and Pixel became my foster when she was surrendered by her previous owner in February. I ended up adopting her. She sits on my shoulder and flies around my apartment. I’ve even taught her tricks! She can spread her wings on command, wave her little foot, and spin in a circle. When I’m busy writing articles or poems, she will hop around on my keyboard, plucking the keys with her beak.

Q&A LadiesGamers
The crocodile smile.

Godfrey the Crested Gecko: Godfrey is like a tiny dinosaur. I adopted him almost five years ago. He’s an easygoing little guy, preferring to hide and relax in his terrarium, though occasionally he will venture outside to sit on my hand or lick food from a spoon.

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