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Railbound Review

Game: Railbound
Genre: Indie, Wholesome, Strategy, Puzzle
System: Steam, Windows, & macOS (also available on iOS & Android)
Developers | Publishers: Afterburn Games
Controller Support: Full
Price: US $ 12.98 | UK £ 10,28 | EU € 10,78
Release Date: September 6th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Afterburn Games.

All aboard for this review of Railbound, a new track-bending puzzle game from the makers of Golf Peaks and inbento.

Hop Aboard the Train

Railbound LadiesGamers
Are they lost?

In Railbound, it is up to you to connect railways worldwide to help everyone reach their homes. In the process, you will solve over 100 clever puzzles ranging from gentle slopes to twisted passageways.

Railbound isn’t just about puzzle solving; there is a wordless story that accompanies the puzzles, about two dogs on a train journey around the world. Cutscenes present the story to you in between the puzzle stages.

Railbound LadiesGamers
An easy puzzle to start with.

Different Environments

Each game stage is set in different environments, you’ll travel from sandy areas to cold and snowy regions to lush green forests. All you have to do on each level is connect the carriages to the waiting train by laying down some tracks.

However, it is not just a simple case of laying tracks; that would be too easy. So instead, the carriages are numbered, and you must connect them in the correct numerical order to the train. Also, you only have a set number of tracks to place on each puzzle. Only having a set number of available tracks to place adds to the game’s difficulty.

Railbound LadiesGamers
Tunnels added to the puzzles

Place the Tracks

At each new stage, you will encounter new obstacles to overcome. For example, tunnels appear in Stage 2 and act as portals to shake things up. On other levels, you have to contend with timed railway barriers. For instance, one carriage rolls over a switch that releases the barrier for the additional carriage to progress.

Later, you will have to contend with four carriages, line them up correctly behind the train, and even collect cute passengers. There are also bonus levels in each chapter that are extra challenging and can be left for later if you’re struggling. The bonus stages don’t have to be completed to finish the game, but it is a good addition for those players like myself who like the extra challenge they give.

Railbound LadiesGamers
Can both carriages make it around the track?

Hints Available

You can use hints if you get stuck after you turn them on in the menu; I like that you have the option of turning on the tips, gives you a little bit of freedom in the game. In addition, the hints give a faint outline of where a few tracks should be placed.

Usually, the hints are just enough to get you started if you struggle to solve some puzzles. You can reset a puzzle or remove individual tracks already set, so there are a few options to help you. The game is challenging, especially on later levels. There were some puzzles I spent the longest time solving. I flew through the first four stages and then hit a stumbling block in the later levels. However, with the addition of a few hints, the game isn’t frustrating; in fact, it’s a pretty relaxing game to play.

Railbound LadiesGamers
Release the signal

Visuals and Controls

The comic-book visuals are delightful to look at, they are colourful, and the trains’ animations are cute. Watching them chug along the tracks is fun, and if you make a mistake and they crash together, they let off some steam from the funnels like they are angry they smashed together; that made me chuckle.

Playing Railbound, you can use either the keyboard, mouse or a controller. I tried both methods, and they both work equally well. However, I preferred using the mouse as it was easy to click on the track pieces and drag to place more than one track.

Railbound LadiesGamers
Pick up the cute passengers

The music in the game adds to the relaxing theme. I enjoyed the music at the start of the game, but in the later levels, I found it repetitive. So I lowered the volume and carried on solving the puzzles. But finding the game’s music to be a bit repetitive didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the puzzles themselves.

Railbound LadiesGamers
The latter; levels are more challenging; this one took me a few tries.


Railbound is just my kind of game, with challenging levels that require some thought, and it’s also relaxing as there isn’t a timer. It has all the right ingredients to make it a brilliant puzzle game with a sweet storyline. First, place the track connections so that carriages safely connect to the locomotive, then sit back and watch the little carriages chug along the track to join the engine and be amazed at your brilliance in solving the puzzle. Mind the gap!

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs Up  Two thumbs up

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