Re: Legend will make its way to Switch too!

it seems new game announcements for the Switch just keep piling up! Kickstarter project Re: Legend has raised enough money to bring it not only to the PC, but to the Switch too!  In my Handheld Gaming News mid June I wrote about the game Square Enix was developing for PC. And that it was interesting because they also pledged their support to the Switch.

I wrote:

RE: LEGEND in development for PC by Square Enix

I recently came across some news that had escaped my attention earlier. Square Enix pledged their support of the Switch in April, and announced a new game that interests me. RE:LEGEND is a video game about farming, exploring, village management and just so much more. See why I think that sounds just like Animal Crossing marrying Harvest Moon?

For now, the game is in development for the PC, but if you couple it with SE’s support of the Switch, connections are formed in my mind…could this be the simulation game for the Switch I’m waiting for?

Sometimes it’s so nice the way my wishes come true! I wasn’t exactly right about Square Enid’s involvement though. This project is a kickstarter project in the Square Enix collective. A collective that has been created to act as a service provider for indie developers, either through helping to build community, helping to raise funds via Kickstarter, or with support for releasing games.

Magnus Games, the developer, has these goals for the project:IMG_0017.PNG

I do wonder why it is that such a lot of games are mentioned nowadays that are like Animal Crossing in some way. Not that I’m complaining mind you, but if I was Nintendo I’d think about a Switch version if AC pronto!

Here’s a new look at Re: Legend. Enjoy!



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