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Received a Panda Award

When I started out writing about gaming over 2 years ago, I never wondered why I wanted to write. It was just an outlet for my passion about playing video-games. Not having many friends in my everyday life who played games like I did, there weren’t many people to discuss this with. And as any gamer will tell you: a game shared with a good friend is 10 times more enjoyable.

Now, 2,5 years later, I’m still writing and gaming. It not only gives me lots of energy, but it has connected me with people who share my passion for gaming. People on social media and in the blogging world of Wordpress. This is as good a time as any to thank all of you who read my articles. Thank you for coming back time after time, for commenting on here or on social media. Also a big thanks to those of you who are too shy to comment, but journey with me in my gaming exploits nonetheless.

I think it’s the combination of writing and socialising that nails it for me. This is a good time then to point you to my Facebook page or to my Twitter account if you want to connect. And for the ladies out there: why don’t you come and join us in the Ladies and Gaming group that has been in existence for 6 years to chat about gaming (and is still going strong)?

Panda award, animal crossingBack now to the title of this blog: I received a Panda! Luckily not a real live Panda, but the PANDA award. In which PANDA stands for Play A New Day Award. I’m extra chuffed, as this is a brand new award, introduced by Mr. Panda. He is a lifelong fan of Nintendo and loves anime, and you should see the pictures of his video game themed wedding, complete with centre pieces that were inspired by Smash Bros. I’m glad to count him among my gaming friends, he always has a thing or two to add to every article I make! Thanks once again, my friend!

The rules of the PANDA award are simple: Thank the person that gave it to you, award as many other people you want and encourage them in any way you want to. I’ve done a couple of award blogs in the past, and have pointed you all to some nice blogs out there. It’s always tricky to give away awards, as you don’t want other friends to feel left out. But if you’re not on the PANDA short list, it doesn’t mean I don’t love reading your work and count you among my friends. But, a lady’s gotta make some choices, and I think these writers can use the recognition!Panda award, animal crossing

  • Cat from AnotherGamingDay, who never fails to entertain me with her thoughts about gaming in general and specifically Otome games. And trying to learn Japanese playing said Otome games, an ambitious project!
  • Brandi from DefyTheMajority, who, like me, writes to share her love for gaming. The blogs are like a journal, where you read along like you are looking over her shoulder. Sort of gaming along with her.
  • Revaryk, who is ” just a geek blogger passing through” as it says on I do enjoy the random gaming ramblings and special views on the world of video-games.
  • Dirtpoorduchess who always amuses me with her mix of everyday life stories as if we are sitting together chatting in her comfy kitchen, interspersed with video-gaming nuggets of fun.
  • The last person I want to give a PANDA to is Jonah, of World of Nintendo. World of Nintendo brings you all kinds of Nintendo news, and it offers a forum part too should you want to chat gaming in a protected and respectful community.

So, if you have a minute be sure to visit the nominees and check out why I was attracted to their sites. And in the meantime, lets all cuddle the PANDA!Panda award, animal crossing




  1. Thanks for sharing the PANDA and spreading the love! 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words as well. I appreciate it so much. I also agree that it’s tricky to give out awards, especially if some people feel left out. I do think that passing on kind words and having them pass it on can and does go a long way though. I also think people appreciate what you say and have said to them either way too! Thanks again! I’m proud to have you as one of my gaming friends as well! 🙂

    P.S. Love the Animal Crossing pandas!

  2. Yay for Pandas!! Congrats on the award! What an awesome thing! Anything panda is awesome though, right? Thanks for the sweet words mentioned and I have really enjoyed your gaming info and news too over the months! I am so happy to have found such great gaming gal friends here at Wordpress! I hope you continue doing what you love here because we sure enjoy having you around to tell us all about the great games out there; (whether you are a master gamer or a newbie like me!) I love reading your stuff! 🙂

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