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Reflection of Mine Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Reflection of Mine
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
System: Nintendo Switch (also on PC)
Developer|Publisher: Redblack Spade | Ratalaika Games 
Age Rating: EU 16+ | US teen
Price: UK £7.99 | EU €7,99 | US $7.99
Release Date: October 9th, 2020

Review code provided with many thanks to Ratalaika Games

Love it or hate it

Reflection of Mine is a puzzle game with an intriguing design to it but its gameplay is kinda like Marmite. Marmite is a product in the UK famously known as something you spread on your toast and you’ll either love it or hate it. Want to know what on earth I’m talking about? Well, read on dear reader.

LadiesGamers Reflection of Mine
Help Lilly reach the exit. Both of them

Love Hate Relationship With Yourself

You play as Lilly who has a split personality disorder. At the start of the game, you read a diary which showcases Lillys’ split psyche with one being full of hearts and love and the other just kinda hating everything. Kinda reminded me of someone at school. It then morphs into a level based puzzle game where you control both characters at the same time but the map is different for each character. You need to get each character safely to the goal but you need to tread very carefully if one character falls on a hazard it is back to the last checkpoint.

LadiesGamers Reflection of Mine
Between levels you learn a little more about Lilly

Double Trouble

I rather liked the premise of this game. The idea of you controlling two characters at the same time who’s lives are tied to each other is smart. I enjoyed how often after several deaths one of Lilly’s personas would usually state how much easier the game would be if the alternate personality didn’t exist. The graphics are colourful but dark, feeling paper-like in design. The characters you encounter have large heads reminding me of a lot of Bratz dolls, a famous toy from years ago. The dark style works quite nicely and the music is cosmic and mysterious and compliments the package. Whilst the game has all the great ingredients the gameplay didn’t exactly gel well with me.

LadiesGamers Reflection of Mine
I kinda liked this line after I died multiple times

Stop and Think

The levels are grid-based filled with various hazards. You need to pay attention to both characters per move very carefully. Something I had quite a hard time doing. I often moved around totally forgetting about the other personality who would then fall in a pit of spikes and I would get mad at myself for not paying attention to that. When the game introduced a new hazard, like spikes which rise from the ground, I didn’t feel it made it very clear how these mechanics worked. This all adds up to a puzzle game where I felt I was thrown in the deep end from the get go and expected to deal with it.

LadiesGamers Reflection of Mine
You need to plan your moves carefully to succeed

A Helping Hand

Reflection of Mine is a very hard puzzle game and the developers seemed well aware of this. They add different difficulty tiers with the easiest enabling you to break obstacles. When you die multiple times in the game a grim reaper like character will also appear asking you if you need additional help. If you agree you are teleported to a mini game where Lilly and a second personality are constantly moving from the top of the screen and you need to use the movement controls to move her away from hazards and collect masks which add to your hint total. When you return to the game you can then use these hints to spawn a grim reaper who makes a really annoying noise as it literally shows you the puzzle solution up to the next checkpoint. While it’s nice it’s included I questioned what the point of playing the game was if I was just going to use the grim reaper fella to tell me how.

LadiesGamers Reflection of Mine
Gaining masks in a mini game unlocks hints to help you beat the levels

What Does Your Reflection Show

Reflection of Mine is something for the puzzle fan looking for an intense challenge. This is an experience that requires careful thought and patience to conquer its tricky puzzles. I loved the soundtrack but I mostly walked away from this game feeling more stupid than entertained which is more on me than the game.

Some will love this, some will hate it so I’ll be a pain and just say……

Final Verdict: I’m Not Sure

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