Release date for Story of the Seasons

Along with the news of the localization of Forbidden Magna, XSeed brought us the news of a confirmed release date for Story of the Seasons. I am happy to say that the release is close: March 31st! That seems to be the releasedate in the US, I don’t know yet if and when it will be released in Europe.

Story of the seasons, farming game, exotic animals, successor a new beginningI am really looking forward to this release, as I enjoyed its predecessor A New Beginning so very much. This game is of course what we knew formerly as the Harvest Moon games, but they can’t use the name anymore in the West. Wanna read why: see this blog.

This game will have some special animals to take car of too. There will be Angora Rabbits, that you don’t have to shear, but they will shed the Angora from time to time, so you can make nice clothing out of it. And there will even be more exotic animals, like penguins and elephants. You don’t keep them in your farm, but if the Safari Park. Because of the trading you do with other lands in the game, you never know what your first exotic animal will be. There is a Trade Station set up in the game where all of the in-game countries will visit and set up store. Interacting with the other in-game countries will unlock new things. The Trade Station will also have requests from countries (sort of like the message boards in The Tale of Two Towns).

Story of the seasons, releasedate, ladies gaming, fun gamesThere is Streetpass functionality, the people you Streetpass with will become characters in your game, and through wifi you can help others in their farming chores and trade items. I like that, former Harvest Moon games really lacked good wifi in my opinion.

When you decide to pre-order the game you could get the Angora Rabbit Plushie at GameStop, Amazon, EB Games Canada and some other participating retailers, all while supplies last.

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