Release dates for Lord of Magna, Maiden Heaven!

Well, finally we have a releasedate for Lord of Magna, Maiden Heaven! And it’s soon already:

June 2, physical and digital release through eShop in the US ($39,99)

June 4, digital release only through eShop in Europe (£24,99 and €29,99)

i guess my European 3DS will finally have a job again after all these months. I’ve played the game for a bit on my japanese 3DS, and I particularly liked the battle system. Here’s my blog about it from back then, and read this article if you’d like to know more about the game.Forbidden Magna, Gabriela, Beatrix, Francesca

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  1. That game looks way too adorable and interesting to miss, and I will definitely buy it as soon as it is released! 😀 I’ll probably go for the physical version, since I own a North-American 3ds. I always favour physical releases over digital ones when I have the choice.

    That title, though is quite confusing… I always tend to read “Lord of MagMa”, and I’d wager that I’m not the only one! 😛

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