Remember Magicians Quest, Animal Crossing fans?

In 2009, some years after Wild World was released for the DS, we were surprised with a quirky little game called Magician’s Quest, Mysterious Times in 2009. That was the title for the game in the US, here in Europe we got the game too, it was called Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry. I know, what’s in a name…must have been the same marketing agency that thought of the European name Let’s go to the City…but, moving on.

I was happy to give it a try at the time, I know it uses some of the basic ideas of Animal Crossing, but copying is the ultimate form of flattery, right? And us fans profited from that. The game has you maintaining a town, decorating rooms, making friends and catching insects and fish. Familiar eh? But the game adds unique elements, you study magic spells that you can use in the story, you get a mystery to solve every once in a while, there’s a nice storyline too. Overall an enjoyable game.

IMG_2031.JPGSadly, the only one we got in the West. Japan has had three games since of the Tongari Boushi games, as they are originally called. And the last one they released in December 2012, translated as Town of Magic, even is a 3DS game! The games are a hit in Japan, and the one game we got started of slow, but didn’t do too bad in sales. By now they’ve expanded on the game, first you could build your own shop and create the items you specialize in by combining items with numerous possibilities. And in the last game, you can even make your own shopping mall, deciding which shops it should hold. Oh, and did I tell you all games have wifi possibility, to play with friends?

Looking at the huge success of AC New Leaf, I do wonder why Konami isn’t releasing the games in the West. I’m sure a lot of ACC fans would jump to the chance!
I am going to take a chance and import the game. It will probably mean a lot of research and translating to play, but I’m really looking forward to getting re-acquainted with it. If you’ve never played the first Magicians Quest and you like Animal Crossing, I can highly recommend you find yourself a copy. And if you need a good guide for the game, try this one:



  1. I have this game, bought it during my last trip to Japan! It’s really fun and reminds me a lot of the original DS game we got over here, which I loved. I love how you can have a cool mall and I even downloaded some Japanese stores for my mall from wifi spots in Tokyo. I really recommend it! 🙂

    1. Wow Umbrielle, that’s good to know! My knowledge of Japanese is basic, and I can play the games with a lot of translating and research. I might have a question or two for you! I’m hoping it gets delivered quickly, can’t wait!

      1. It’s quite simple if you’ve played the original ^^ I haven’t played it as much as ACNL but I really enjoyed what I have played. I even bought the guide so if you need any help, let me know!

        1. Hey Umbrielle, how are you doing? I have a question about Tongari Boushi, if you don’t mind? Two things are bugging me about the game.. First, I can’t seem to find connection to wifi anywhere. It like I still have something to do before I can go online, but no Idea what. Secondly, I can’t put any other clothes on my character. I’ve deciphered what’s said, but I just can’t switch clothing. Any tips perhaps?

  2. I adore this game! I was very lucky to find a copy at a local game store that specializes in older games, since the prices I’ve seen online are pretty high. I do wish they would localize the newer versions of the game & have been considering purchasing a Japanese region 3ds to play it. I was planning on doing the same with Fantasy Life, but Nintendo did finally reveal the localization at E3 this year & there is only about a month left to wait for its release! If you love both ACNL & Magicians Quest, you may have heard of Fantasy Life already, but if not, check it out! Its going to be amazing! & great post btw!

    1. Yep, I have heard of Fantasy Life, and even played it on my Japanese XL. A great game, it’s such fun to decide what you want to be to advance in the game. I didn’t exactly experience the similarities of Animal Crossing that everyone mentions, but it’s certainly a very good game in its own right. I am going to buy it in English too, because I felt I missed too much of the background story with my limited knowledge of Japanese. Another game that I had a lot of fun with is Yokai Watch, great one too!

      The Magician’s Quest for 3 DS is a good game, it’s definitely gotten better since the first game. I have to painstakingly translate as I go, because otherwise I’m afraid I won’t get far.

  3. Hi guys just to let you know I worked out how to get more shops in the mall. Go to the guy at the entrance who looks like a pen. Click the third option down and click the first button. Then you can use play coins to unlock new shops!! Hope it helps

    1. Yes, I did see you tumblr post. Interesting proposition to have them sell the game through eShop only. I do wish Konami would take to the idea, but so far we have been seriously out of luck..

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