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Remote Planets Review

Game: Remote Planets
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Puzzle
System: Steam (Windows)
Developer | Publisher: zuza 
Controller Support: Yes
Price: US $9.99 | UK £8.50 | EU € 9,75
Release Date: April 24th, 2023

Review code used with many thanks to zuza. 


Remote Planets is a classic Sokoban- type game where players push boxes onto squares to solve a level. Whereas the classic Sokoban game puts the player in a warehouse, Remote Planets‘ main character is a cute alien whose ship has crashed on an alien world.

Its citizens are willing to help repair the ship, but their power grid is down, and our alien must help restore it by solving puzzles. By solving each puzzle, the player progresses through the map. Note that you can’t skip levels.

Remote Planets This is how we start.
This is how we start.


Remote Planets boasts over 120 hand-crafted puzzles, some are part of the normal map, and some are on the side and usually are more complex than the regular ones. The puzzles are not easy but not unsolvable either – simply satisfyingly in the middle. You don’t have to restart the puzzle completely; an undo button can be used unlimitedly. There is no hint button, but some people are already uploading their playthroughs on Youtube if you get stuck.

Remote Planets A solved level.
A solved level.


The world of Remote Planets is populated by funny and friendly villagers who need help restoring the power to their homes. Each has the wisdom to share, from constructive tips to random observations. While solving the puzzles, you can chat with them.

Remote Planets An astute observation.
An astute observation.

Relaxing atmosphere

It is an excellent decision on the developer’s side not to include a timer or rating for each level. Combined with the ambient chill music, Remote Planets is a perfect casual, relaxing game. Each puzzle’s scope is small, making progression through the game relatively fast.

Remote Planets Our ship needs repairs.
Our ship needs repairs.


Remote Planets offers a perfect blend of challenge and relaxation, which is hard to come by in puzzle games. With its challenging puzzles and colourful and charming world, the game is a must-play for fans of Sokoban puzzle games.

Final Verdict: I Like it 

I like it

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