Result poll " Which starter Pokemon did you choose in ORAS?"

A month ago I asked you which starter Pokemon you chose for your ORAS a adventure. It’s about time to show you the results and, in hindsight, to decide if I made the right choice with my Torchic and in buying Omega Ruby.

The poll results were quite clear: 39% chose Treecko, and 35% chose Mudkip.They were quite close, and left Torchic with 26% in the dust. And doing the first gyms wasn’t easy with Torchic: the first gym in Rustboro City features the Rock Type Pokemon, and my Fire-Fighting type Torchic didn’t do much damage. Same in the second gym in Dewford, that relied on Fighting type Pokemon. And the third gym in Mauville with its Ground type Pokemon wasn’t the easiest either. Luckily I got the humble Wingull in a wonder trade early on, and like all traded Pokemon it leveled up quicker. A good water-flying Pokemon was just what I needed to make short work of the first gyms. I know most Pokemon fans look upon Wingull, and the Pelliper that he evolves in, with disdain, but I still remember my first Elite 4 battles in Platinum where I had Pelliper in my base team: he served me well!

By now my team is much more balanced, I’ve got some Dragon types in there that I always love collecting, so most gyms are easy. I resisted the temptation to bring Pokemon over from older games, I always like making a new team and leveling them from the start.ORAS, starter, pokemon, Torchic, treecko

About my choice for Omega Ruby: it’s purely based on the color red…I’m not into blue, red or orange wins out for me, always. So that’s the simple reason that I bought Omega Ruby. But now that I got the strategy guide from Santa Clause, I see the list of unique Pokemon for each version:

Omega Ruby:

Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Shiftry

Alpha Sapphire:

Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo

I’ve always wanted to have a Solrock, he looks so exotic. I remember trying to catch him in Emerald and not succeeding, so I’m happy I’ll have another chance now!


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