Results: Best eShop only game in 2014

Yesterday I posted the results of the 3DS game of the year, today I have the results for the best eShop only game for you. The top three you voted for was very clear, almost from the start:

image1st place Shovel Knight with 24% of the votes

This adventure that looks like a NES game was made by Yacht Club games reminds somewhat of the older Zelda games or Mario Land, but with a modern touch. Streetpass Arena keeps a player busy besides the approximately 6 hours of gameplay, and the developer has announced DLC for the title too. Good reviews for this game as well as its WiiU counterpart.

2nd place Azure Striker Gunvolt with 18% of the votes

3rd place Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy with 13% of the votes

I haven’t played any of them to be honest, though I did try out the demo for one of the Phoenix Wright games. My choice was between DenpaMen: the Rise of the Digitoll, and the game that was released for my little Nintendo hero, ChibiRobo photo finder. In the end I voted for Chibi, but both games that I liked best myself didn’t make it anywhere near the top three.

What I noticed too is that far less viewers to my blog voted for the best eShop game then for the best 3DS game. Which is a pity, because the “little” ones need some love too. Good games can be found in the eShop, games that don’t rely on the normal physical distribution. Therefore, they usually cost less too. and from experience I can only say that some of them would do well as a full physical game. Like in case of the DenpaMen. If you love RPG, you should really give them a try as I explained in an earlier blog.

Once again, thanks to all of you for voting!



  1. I was one who voted for Denpa Men. I love that game. I found it completely by accident and have played 2 and 3. I am really hoping they localize the new version released in Japan. As for Chibi Robo, I have not tried it but was considering it. Right now I am playing Ocarina of Time as I wait for Majora’s Mask – which may not be out until Q3 2015.

    1. When I first started playing DenpaMen I couldn’t believe we got such a full and well thought out RPG for the low cost of the game! Chibi Robo is totally different of course, but I love them both.

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