Results Radiohammer 3DS giveaway

A week ago I blogged about another little giveaway for Radiohammer 3DS. This game that’s only released in the eShop by Aksys isn’t my cup of tea as I’m awful at rhythm games, but as it got good reviews I thought I could make a couple of people happy with it nonetheless.

Yesterday the giveaway closed, and today I drew the winners. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, here are the winners for each region:

America: David, you are the lucky winner of the American code! A message is in your mailbox!

Europe: Ilmarien, you are the lucky one for the European code. Again, a message is in your mailbox!

Australia/ New Zealand: I didnt get any reaction for this code, so no winner…

Congratulations to the two winners. Have fun playing!

Thanks to all of you who have participated, and better luck next time!


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