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Review Agent A: a Puzzle in Disguise (Switch)

Game: Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise.
Genre: Point and Click adventure
System: Nintendo Switch (also Steam/PS4/Xbox One/IOS/Android)
Publishers|Developers: YAK & CO PTY LTD
Price:  $14.99| £12.99|€ 12,99
Age Rating: UK 7/USA E
Release Date: 29th August 2019.

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A few years ago, developers Yak & Co released Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise on mobile on a chapter at a time basis. Now the full game is available on the Nintendo Switch including a final chapter. That extra chapter is also being released at the same time for IOS and Android. 

In this point and click adventure game you take on the role of Agent A. Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to infiltrate enemy spy Miss Ruby La Rouge secret hideaway.

Agent A

Enter a spies stylish hideout

Agent A’s voice acted opening scene introduces you to the dangerous spy Ruby La Rouge. You watch Ruby blow up a boat full of people including your boss Chef Ermin D. Skies and learn she has also extinguished some of your predecessors. You are taken to the street in front of Ruby’s very stylish hideout and home. Your first mission is to get beyond the locked door, infiltrate the hideout and uncover Ruby’s plans. 

Once inside Ruby’s home, which has a distinctive retro feel to it, it’s up to you to explore the many rooms and futuristic features, full of contraptions and gadgets a good spy needs to do their job. 

Agent A

Point and click to solve the puzzles

Puzzles abound as you work your way though the many rooms inside and outside of Ruby’s home. There is nothing too taxing in the point and click style puzzles. Logic and a decent memory, or in my case my trusty notepad and pen, will get you through all of the puzzles in the game.

Agent A

Each puzzle ties in with another, a screwdriver received through solving one puzzle is used to solve something else. This may even be in the last room you where in: of course as it is a point and click game there is the some backtracking to do to complete some puzzles.

The puzzles are varied and range from finding a secret code written somewhere to input on a panel to open a door to retrieving a key from a tank full of Sharks. Nothing frustrating, in fact the puzzles all gel together extremely well and nothing feels out of place. It sticks perfectly to its 60’s spy theme as you press on with your mission to discover what Ruby’s plans are.

Agent A

Get your Ian Fleming groove on

Visually Agent A has the look of 60’s spy novels and movies. Think James Bond and you can’t go far wrong. In fact, Bonds’ creator Ian Fleming is mentioned by the game. With its animated cut scenes, colourful and bright graphics and very fitting soundtrack and atmosphere this makes for an enjoyable experience.

Controlling Agent A is done via a few buttons on the joy-cons or, if you prefer, the game is fully touchscreen enabled. Both options work extremely well and smoothly. Items you collect go into your inventory at the side of the screen and its a simple case of drag and drop when it comes to using a particular item to solve one of the may puzzles.

Agent A


All together this is a  good puzzle/ adventure game and Yak and Co have done a great job of giving us a game that is fun to play, with puzzles that are challenging without being hair pulling frustrating, lovely retro visuals and some light humour from Agent A’s comments though out the game. 

I have enjoyed my time with Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise so I have no hesitation in giving it the score of

I like it a lot! 

I like it a lot!

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