Review Dragonology for DS (nov.2009)

This is a game us dragon-lovers are looking forward too. Dragonology! I bought this DS game, it seems to be available at select retailers in the US.

You begin Dragonology as a male or female apprentice of a wizened dragon expert named Ernest Drake. You’re called upon to help dragons in distress—and to relocate dragons who’ve nosed too deeply into the locals’ affairs. Ernest Drake alerts you to prominent dragon activity going on in the world, and you choose a mission. After you’ve equipped yourself with the necessary tools (which vary from mission to mission), you are transported via zeppelin to the hotspot.To find the dragons in their natural habitat, you’ll have to learn to mix potions and create contraptions as you travel from freezing cold Antarctica to the plains of Africa.

Dragonology, DS, Dragons, reviewDragons are quite excellent at hiding themselves, so you must track your charge down before you can help it. This involves examining the environment for leavings: shed scales, claws, teeth, territory markings, and even poop. You must use various tools and tests to determine if lost body bits belong to the dragon you’re tracking, or less interesting local wildlife. Said wildlife, by the way, will prowl their territory aggressively and chuck you out if you get too rambunctious.
When you think you’ve found your dragon’s hiding spot, you call it out with a whistle and do your thing. This might involve locking it in a cage, echoing its calls to gain its trust, or sneaking up on it while it sleeps.

As Dragonology progresses, the tasks assigned to you don’t change much, and tracking dragons becomes a bit repetitive. There’s also the matter of raising your adorable baby dragon in between missions. You can improve his trust, strength, and flight capabilities through mini-games that are simple, but admittedly fun for the most part.
The game’s art and characters are based on the Dragonology books, so the adventure takes place at the dawn of the 18th century. The game captures the spirit of the book very well, the in-game dragon models look good. The environment you track the dragons through is a bit flat and boring though.

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