Fernz Gate

Review Fernz Gate for Switch

Game: Fernz Gate
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Exe Create Inc.
Publisher: KEMCO
Age Rating: EU 12+| USA Teen
Price:  £ 11.69|€12,99| $12.99
Release Date: 23 August 2018
Overall Feeling: I like it a lot!

Whisked away to another world in need of heros, Alex and Lita arrive in Fernland. A once peaceful place is under fire by a villain taking mana, turning inhabitants into monster henchman, and destroying cities along the way. Alex and Lita are outsiders not expected to join the fight, but they still wish aide those on the front lines. They are joined by Toril, a girl from another world, and the enigmatic man with a ferret-like friend, Kodan.

Definitely appealing to anime fans

This game looks and feels like a retro JRPG. The sprite characters are detailed and the dialogue scenes include character illustrations. The soundtrack adds to the retro feel with a chiptune like music. I really enjoyed the nostalgia. They also threw in maids, elves, and an angel for that fantasy anime appeal.  The story itself feels like a common story line, but I still find myself interested in the character’s backgrounds and relationships.

Turn-based battle at your convenience

Where Fernz Gate really shines is the turn-based battle mechanics. There is a lot of flexibility and strategy options. By changing the rings the characters wear you change out their magic and special abilities. Then there is the buddy system, which a creature or another character plays a support role to a fighter. They can provide buffs, assist in damage, use items, or affect the status of an enemy.

There is also the automatic battle option when you feel the enemy is weak enough to be taken out with normal attacks. Then each characters has their powerful attack that requires some build up. There are few points in the dungeons you can change the rate of battle encounters. Which is fantastic if you want to explore carefully without interruption or if you’re in need of grinding. There are hidden corridors to find rooms with treasure and character specific abilities to reach other areas.

Extra items galore

The menu offers some other mechanics. There is a secret house where you can grow plants. You select the seedlings and they grow in a certain amount of time. It doesn’t offer any farming sim gameplay, but it provides useful items. Then you also get prizes for hitting certain milestones. With customize you can combine weapons to create an upgraded weapon. Plus when you explore dungeons there are treasure chests to find and monsters drop items too.


I recommend Fernz Gate if you are looking for a JRPG. It provides great graphics and interesting turn based battle. This title can be played casually or played on a difficult level.

I like it a lot!


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