Review for Spectrum on Switch

Game: Spectrum
System:Nintendo Switch
Developer: 3D Avenue
Publisher: Digerati
Age Rating: EU 7+| USA E
Price:  £8.63|€9.59| $11.99
Release Date: 20/8/18
(Also on Steam and IOS)

Overall Feeling: I like it!

(Review code kindly provided by Digerati)

Guiding a black dot with eyes….

Spectrum, released for the Nintendo Switch, is a platform game with 80 levels spread across 8 different environments. A minimalistic abstract world awaits the player where you have to guide a black dot with eyes, that looks kind of like a worm.  The worm moves around static and moving light and dark coloured shapes, whilst collecting white orbs/eyes to reach the end portal. There are 3 bonus objectives on every level to complete to reach 100% for that level.
The 3 objectives are to get to end of the level within the time limit without hitting anything within the level and finally collect all the orbs scattered throughout. Of course you don’t have to complete the 3 bonus objectives to complete that level just make it to the portal is sufficient but for most gamers 100% is the goal.
While trying to reach the end goal you can not touch any light coloured shapes as that will remove one of your 3 life bars in the top right hand corner of the screen, if you do lose all 3 life bars you restart at the beginning of that level again and touching any darker coloured shapes is instant death. Anything white is safe to touch on your travels through the levels. The tutorial explains it all well within a sort space of time.
Controls are simple move with left joystick, dive is A and B is jump, alternately you can use X and Y for dive and Jump. The menu section can be controlled via joystick and button or touch screen. Controls work very well and are nice and responsive.

A good mix of Zen and rushing about

Graphics are crisp and clear with each environment being a different colour. Being the sort of platform game Spectrum is, there is no storyline. I think the Switch is the great place for this game as it suits short game playtime: pick it up, play a level or keep playing that level you may be struggling with to reach the portal.
The soundtrack is a mixture of quiet soothing music to livelier beats and tones, it’s a good mix for the game which can be zen like and relaxing even while you may be rushing to reach the portal before a coloured block takes that one life bar you have left.
There is a two player option and 2 player local mode. A leader board is available for those interested in where they stand with their score.


I have enjoyed my time with Spectrum and I will revisit it to make sure I reach 100% for each level. Some of the levels where a bit frantic on my play-through but in a good way. I never felt frustrated when I sometimes had to replay a level again because I made a stupid mistake and died before the portal.
I like it and would recommend Spectrum to my gaming friends.
I like it

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