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Sometimes an indie game pops up on mobile, that’s just too good to ignore. Not made by the big boys out there, but by a little studio that has poured all their love into it. As I mentioned in my Friday’s Cup of Coffee last week, the mobile game Love you to Bits, was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger. It’s been developed by Alike Studio together with and the game is entirely self funded. For now, it’s available in the iOS App Store, and is promised for Android and PC this year as well. The price is relatively low, only EUR 2,99 or GBP 2,99.iOS, App Store, puzzle game

It’s the story about explorer Kosmo and his sweetheart Nova. The fact that Nova is a robot doesn’t deduct anything from their love for each other, somehow you can just feel the sweetness in the story. Shocking then that Nova is blown up by enemy fire in outer space, and her parts are scattered across the universe. Kosmo doesn’t think twice, and goes on a journey to get her parts back. For now, that means 25 levels of gaming goodness, with a promise of more levels to come.

love you to bits, Kosmo, NovaThese levels present itself as planets, and each planet is unique. You will find yourself in an ancient castle with ogres, in an abandoned mine, in a Victorian mansion (The Quantic Library) with bookcases and fire hearths, in a kids playground, in a café threatened by aliens. And that’s only the first few planets. Don’t expect to walk from A to B in every level, every level has some new approach to puzzle solving. Floors changing on you while you are making your way across, walking from left to right you find yourself in a comic book story (A Dungeon in Panels). That’s what makes the game super fun, you never know what to expect yet. The art style is fresh and has a colourful innocence. It’s a point and click adventure without any text at all, neither do you have to choose what item to use on what puzzle, the game does that for you.

Love you to bits, mobile gameThe game incorporates all kinds of fun references. The one that stood out to me that in the first level, you pull a skeleton out of the plumbing. He is sporting a red cap that looks suspiciously like Mario. There are more in the game, but I won’t spoil the fun for you, that are clearly intended as a warm tribute. One planet stands out in my mind, one where you walk the surface of the globe like I remembered from the older game God Finger. That puzzle made me aware that the sequence in which you do things matter too, though the logic isn’t perfect. I mean, it’s a nice idea to have you find a pitcher, fill it with snow, melt the snow in the sun and then water the carrot seedling, but I could have melted it in the campfire too. Still, that doesn’t detract any from my enjoyment.

Every level has two or three hidden items, some you will only find after completing the level. The trigger Nova’s memory, and you will see funny little clips of their life together. After three puzzles you’ll see a comic book story about Kosmo and Nova’s relationship, about how they met etc.Quantic Library, When Kosmo and Nova met

This game is the perfect game to pick up for a bit, just solve one or two levels and come back to it later when you’ve got another minute to spare. It’s a very good game for a relatively low price, so I’ll say you can’t go wrong!Nova's memories,,


  1. I had never heard of this, but it both looks and sounds adorable. If I get a device that can run it, I will be sure to try it out. Thank you for bringing it more attention!

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