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Review Mighty Switch Force! Collection (Switch)

Game: Mighty Switch Force! Academy
Genre: Platforming, Puzzle
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer| Publisher: WayFoward game
Age Rating: 7+ (UK & EU) | 10+ (US)
Price: £15.99 | €17,99| $19.99|$30 AU
Release Date: 25th July 2019

Review Code kindly provided by WayForward Games

The Mighty Switch Force! Collection is a compilation of four games in the puzzle platforming series. All of which are developed and published by WayFoward games. Those being the original Mighty Switch Force!, Mighty Switch Force! 2, Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition and Mighty Switch Force! Academy.

Mighty Switch Force!

The Hooligan Sisters have escaped custody and it’s up to the police officer Patricia Wagon to catch them. Using her police siren she can switch up elements around her. Such as platforms that fade in and out and launchpads. The game has nothing in the way of tutorial, but it gradually adds new mechanics in throughout the game. These different mechanics start needing to be used together to beat certain parts of the levels. Often you’ll have to make use of the enemies to achieve your objectives such as launching the bombs to break block you can’t shoot. Timing is also quite important for many puzzles.

In every level you have to collect the five Hooligan sisters who may be plainly displayed or hiding behind breakable blocks. After which you must retreat to your robot pal who will extract you from the level.

Patty can only take three hits, but there are some health pick ups throughout which are “yummy”. Most levels also have a few checkpoints, for when you get crushed by a block. However if you do die, you lose the entire level and have to start again. Each level also par times, you do not need to beat the levels in time to finish them. However you can go back and try to beat them within that time limit. These require nearly perfect performance. There are sixteen main levels with five bonus levels.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition - Screenshot

The Hyper Drive Edition is a HD port of the original Mighty Switch Force. Instead of pixel graphics it uses an illustrated style. Personally I prefer the pixels but this version has more unlockables such as a pixel skin for Patricia. This version of the game also boasts twice the amount of levels of the original. These extra levels are harder remixes of the original ones.

Mighty Switch Force! 2

Mighty Switch Force! 2 - Screenshot

In the sequel to the original, the Hooligan sisters have been reformed but Planet Land is now ablaze most everywhere. Acting as a firefighter Patricia now has to rescue these sisters from the flames. Instead of a gun she is equipped with a hose, which is used to douse flames and break mud walls. You still make use of the switch and original mechanics, but there are now more elements. Such as enemies that need to be filled with water front first so they burst.

As well as the par times there is now another bonus objective, which are hidden babies that need rescuing. By rescuing I mean, kicking them … to safety. The par times do not require the baby, so you can obtain that on different attempts. Being a sequel, it is definitely a bit harder than the first, especially with the hose. Fast enemies are still in this, so you have to set your shot up right.

Mighty Switch Force! Academy

Mighty Switch Force! Academy - Screenshot

This game is the first to have multiplayer, up to four people can co-operate in the levels together. The levels all take place on a single screen. Which might be a bit troublesome for some people’s eyes. It is based on the mechanics of the original game. Co-operative play can be a bit hard as you both can switch things, and accidentally (or purposely) kill each other. Making communication particularly important in this game. There are twenty levels, with another five levels putting stages from the first game onto one screen. The classic levels are particularly nice, and it some cases are actually easier that way.

There is also a Versus mode, which involves completing to collect Hooligan Sisters and making it to the robot before it moves. However you cannot switch any blocks, you may shoot each other forcing them to respawn. We didn’t find it very enjoyable, as it’s first to three, and it takes quite a long time for one of us to get grab the girl and get to the mech without being shot by the other.


Regarding presentation the pixel graphics in the games look great on televisions and handheld. The Hyper Drive Edition, having been made for HD displays, also looks nice. They have a decent soundtrack that fits the theme of the game. I didn’t have any technical problems with any games.

The collection doesn’t come with any extra content beyond the four games. The only one in the series it is missing is Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down. Which is a non-platforming puzzle game, perhaps why it wasn’t included. It is interesting that they included the first game when they have the Hyper Drive version. Although that one does have more unlockables which gives you more incentive to do better.

My only disappointment being the versus mode in Mighty Switch Force! Academy. Depending on your region it is also probably the most affordable way to get these games. The games are only a few hours depending on your puzzle solving abilities at least.

The games do a great job of teaching you the mechanics without actually telling you anything. I’m not much of a puzzle or platforming person, but I was able to enjoy these games quite well. I almost wished I’d given the series a chance sooner.

I like it a lot!
I like it a lot!


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