Review MySims Kingdom for Wii (Nov.2009)

Time for a review of a Wii game. I must confess that I don’t play my Wii as much as I do my DS. Not even half as much: the fact that the Wii can’t be carried around with you, cant be played in the train or in the waiting room at the doctors is a big minus for me. Plus our Wii is connected to an old television in a separate room. Not very cozy!

So, I don’t have many Wii games. But I do love the ones I do have. I wanted to write this review about one of them, My Sims Kingdom. There’s a whole series now for My Sims now, and where it was at first portrayed as a copy of Animal Crossing I find it to be very different. Funny thing in My Sims is that they release a DS-game for every title at the same time, that has a whole different story line then the Wii game. And not only different, not half as good either.

My Sims Kingdom is all about being a Wandolier, gathering essences and building things. Let me explain. The wandolier has a magic staff, with which she can build just about anything. (I need one of those things too!) Only thing she needs to do that are essences and scrolls. The essences you can collect through different means: digging, chipping away at walls, gathering the fruit off trees or fishing. And while looking for essences, you’ll find scrolls too. The scrolls are kind of blueprints, and you can’t use them unless you’ve gathered the prescribed essences. Your traveling partner Lindsay will unlock the scrolls after you’ve collected everything. And with these scrolls and the things you gather you do all kinds of chores and tasks.

MySims Kingdom, king Roland, ginny, buddyLet me tell you, the sims you meet have a lot of strings to their bow. The kingdom consists of various islands, and there will be about 6 or 7 tasks for every island. So it takes some time to finish! The tasks differ, from herding animals to building houses or connecting electricity or water pipes. The electrical appliances are difficult for me, I must confess. I’ve been fiddling about forever before I finally managed to connect the computer center on Rocket Reef. Thanks to detailed pictures and help from a good friend overseas I managed (thanks again, Lynn!)

But I like the game. It has a laid back feeling to it, it really helps you to relax. No need to be on your toes because there aren’t any enemies to slay. Everything is peacefull, colorfull and happy. Sometimes too happy, I tend to turn down the volume because there’s only so much happy gibbering I can take.
Only thing that is really missing in the game is wifi. Why not make it so that it’s able to connect to other kingdoms. In my opinion that’s a lost opportunity!

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