Review Paradox Soul (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Paradox Soul
Genre: Action/ Adventure
System: Switch, PS4, Steam & Xbox
Developer/ Publisher: Ritual Games / Ratalaika Games
Age Rating: 
EU: 7+| USA: T (Teen)
: €4.99| £4.99| $4.99
Release Date: 5th July 2019

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Dr. Alli Rose explores a facility that has experienced a terrible fate. On her journey she discovers a host of enemies as she attempts to piece together the unfortunate series of events that have unfolded.

A Sinister Presence

The story takes place in a research facility left in ruins. Dr. Rose quickly arms herself and soon encounters robot menaces who seemingly have laid waste to the human crew. You move from room to room, venturing deep within to discover the truth. The game is pretty straightforward and quickly walks you through all there is to know. It can be a little tricky feeling out the enemies, especially as you have very little health. But practice makes perfect and the game isn’t punishing over deaths, allowing you to restart the very room you were in.

The whole game exudes this dark, sinister atmosphere. It’s very well executed considering the lo-fi approach with graphics. Each room contains little details that paint a picture of what the scientists were up to and their unfortunate demise. It’s like watching a horror movie on low volume, not inherently scary but your mind can easily paint a more gritty picture with the images alone.

Run & Gun!

The not so clear objective of the game is to make it to the deepest room of the facility, and then escape again. On your journey there you meet a variety of enemies, most of which must be dealt with as simply running away or attempting to evade is too difficult or simply not possible. Your weapon and abilities increase as you explore so it becomes easier and easier to recognise and anticipate your foes. You will also meet powerful boss enemies who will require more finesse, though they are all predictable once you have the solution.

The game is perfectly fine and rewards your exploration. You need to visit each room anyway to collect the ID’s or destroy door power sources so scour every corner! As you escape, you will need to have discovered the two secret rooms to see the true ending. Keep a close eye while in rooms 12 and 31! It does a good job of inviting you to scour every room, but it took a peek at an online guide for me to figure that last bit out. A journal hinting at the secrets existence wouldn’t have gone amiss!

Brooding Atmosphere

The games visuals and audio really work together well to illustrate the mystery and sinister vibe of the facility you are exploring. Allow yourself to be immersed and you’ll feel Dr. Rose’s isolation and the creeping dread of meeting the monsters that the scientists have unleashed. That’s a pretty impressive feat for a modest developer. Though there’s nothing outstanding about what you see, the game does very well with what it has!

The game has a few difficultly levels, each issuing less health at a time. I played through on Easy and still died a lot as I carelessly ploughed through to the end. But Hard mode is a one hit kill run that requires serious concentration to prevent waiting for a somewhat lengthy respawn, a welcoming challenge!

The Verdict

Paradox Soul is a solidly produced and brilliantly executed mystery action game. What it lacks in grandiose display it makes up for in its artistic direction. I find myself oddly attached to its bleak tale of mankind stepping too far. Perfect for a late evening ride to uncovering truth!

I like it
I liked it


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