Review: Super Hyperactive Ninja (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Super Hyperactive Ninja
System:  Nintendo Switch
Developer: Grimorio Games
Publisher: Jandusoft
Age rating: 7 / E10+
Price: £7.19 / €7,99 / $8.99
Release Date: 25th October 2018

Review code kindly provided by Jandusoft

Playing Super Hyperactive Ninja has been something of a journey for me.  At first, even though I enjoyed the concept and art style, I wasn’t particularly fond of the gameplay. I started telling myself that the controls were broken, that hyperactive mode didn’t work, and my final grade would probably be ‘don’t like’.  However, after sending an email to the developer, his response made me think more about the game. I became determined to take my time, seeking to get to grips with both the controls and hyperactive mode, and see whether my original conclusion was correct. I’m happy to say; I was wrong!

The more I’ve played Super Hyperactive Ninja, the more I’ve started to enjoy making my way though its stages.  I still haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve discovered that what I thought was broken actually works, and stages as well as obstacles and enemies can be overcome with practice.  If players are prepared to put time into the game then there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Go Go Coffee Ninjas!

In Super Hyperactive Ninja, a team of warriors are required to retrieve the legendary coffee which has been stolen by the villainous Shogun.  The game itself consists of numerous levels spread over a set number of castles,  which are designed to make use of the games primary mechanic – hyperactive mode!

What is Hyperactive mode?  Well it stems from a particular blend of Ninja coffee.  In hyperactive mode, ninja’s are able to run faster, perform wall jumps, and leap further distances than usual.  The game challenges players to obtain the highest possible grades; it takes into account the time taken to complete each stage, the number of retries needed to finish a level, as well as overall money and score totals.

I’ve changed my mind!

The above description may sound simple enough but the game is anything but.  In fact at first the difficulty level along with a number of game choices almost resulted in a negative review. I didn’t like hyperactive mode at all, particularly the manner in which it resulted in making your ninja vulnerable to attack. I couldn’t understand why enemy ninjas must be attacked from behind or why a mechanic would be designed in such a way to break the flow of the game. However the more I’ve played (and thanks to communication with the developer), things have finally started to fall into place.

Why? Well, you really have to think about when to and when not to use hyperactive mode. As soon as you enter hyperactive mode, your ninja character can only run in one direction until he or she hits an obstacle such as a wall or box. This mode also allows your ninja to perform wall jumps, but this will require precision due to spikes and other dangers.

I’ve personally had to take my time with each stage I’ve completed and learn each layout in order to get a better idea of how it’s shaped, and where enemies and obstacles are positioned. This allows me to complete each stage, as well as re-attempt it numerous times in order to improve my performance. It’s also important to note that once dropping out of hyperactive mode, your ninja becomes exhausted, and is left vulnerable for a short amount of time.

They need that Hyper Caffeine Fix!

Each Ninja can only survive for as long as caffeine permeates through their body. As soon as the caffeine dries up, our ninja heroes will fall asleep or suddenly drop while in mid air. The key to success is to collect the coffee cups which have been scattered throughout each stage. Players can also obtain hyper takeaway coffee for a rather hefty price.

Unlockable Characters

Another nice element to the game, is its list of unlockable characters. Every character within the game has their own unique stats and abilities. Kohimaru for instance, is a nice all rounded character (stats wise), whereas others maybe slower, faster, weaker, stronger, or remain tired for longer. There are 8 characters available to unlock, each having their own unique skills and abilities.

The game also includes a shop option which allows players to play through each stage using their favourite ninjas, having equipped them with the necessary skills and weapons. This means gamers will have to collect as many coins as possible from each stage.

I also like, how players can return to previous stages with unlocked characters in order to tackle areas which are suited to their particular skills. This adds a nice amount of play-ability for those that are willing to be patient with the game. As soon as things begin to click, the game becomes very enjoyable, but I fear some may be tempted to give up on it to quickly.

Don’t Forget to check and adjust difficulty settings

This game is hard! At times I’ve had to retry stages over and over because of how challenging this game is. By default, one hit equals wipe-out, but the difficulty can be adjusted via the options menu.

For the really hardcore player, there’s bitter mode, where as the more novice gamer will appreciate latte mode as players can take one extra hit before its game over. Being a novice gamer, I tend to stay on latte mode but the more I play; I intend to move back up onto harder settings.

Visuals and Sound

I really enjoy Super Hyperactive Ninja visual style. The flat 2D style reminds me a little of Paper Mario, and I like the detail that’s been put into both stages and characters.

The games music is reminiscent of classic 8-16 bit titles. Even when I struggled with the game at first, the quality of the games presentation and sound, encouraged me to hold off writing a negative review until I had contacted the developer about the problems I was having.


I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to play past my problems and begin to enjoy Super Hyperactive Ninja for what it is. Yes I still die a lot, and some stages are still incredibly tricky for me, but I’ve grown to like Super Hyperactive Ninja a lot. The game isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy tough 2D platformers, and are willing to put time into the game, then there’s a lot to enjoy here if given the chance.

I like it a lot!



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