Review Word Puzzles on Switch

Game: Word puzzles by POWGI
System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Lightwood Games
Developer:Lightwood Games
Age rating: Europe 3+|America E
Deluxe edition: £17.99|$19.99|€ 19,99 (includes all DLC)
Release date: 25th October 2018

Lightwood Games have a few puzzle games released for the Nintendo Switch already with Word Search and Fill-a-Pix (check our review here) in the eShop. The latest title to join the other games is Word Puzzles By POWGI, a large collection of word puzzles with a twist.

Variety in the puzzles offered

The variety of puzzles come in 6 categories: Word Maze, Mixups, One word, Flowers, Circles and Crossover.

All 6 categories start with a simple explanation of what you should do to solve the puzzle, nothing to hard to remember and if you forget there are instructions on each individual puzzle as you play. All the puzzles are available to play right from the start of the game, there is no unlocking to do but there are plenty of puzzles to solve.

A hint system is in place in some of the categories in case you get extremely puzzled (pun intended😜), a quick press of L and R will bring up the hints. The touch screen can be used to play the game and it works very smoothly.

Word Maze

Word Maze looks a lot like word search but for one difference. Instead of searching for words throughout the grid, like in word search, in word maze each word follows the other in a continuous path until all the letters in the grid are used.

60 puzzles are available with different subjects ranging from arts and crafts to girls names   Or movie genres, 6 puzzles in each subject makes 360 Word Mazes to complete.


Mixups gives you a grid with letters in it. From all those letters you have to make 3 words relevant to the category. All the letters are used to complete the 3 words and each letter is used once. Sounds simple but it does take some thought to get the right words.

60 puzzles are available from USA State’s to Opera Composers and School subjects, 360 puzzles in all.

One Word

In One Word the player has a grid of letters on the right. There’s a quote from a famous person on the left. And it’s your job to fill in the missing word from the quote. Seems very easy, but the grid only has letters from the word you are searching in it. Below in the picture, Bang the grid is only filled with those 4 letters that spell the word. Imagine this when some of the quotes have more than one word to find. It can be tricky sometimes to solve the One Word puzzles especially if you don’t know the quote.


Flowers is aptly named as the puzzles are in the shape of a flower with two letters in the middle of the flower. On the right is a list of two letters to place into the flowers petals to make a word using the letters in the middle of the flower. It works well and there are 120 of the Flower puzzles to solve with no hints.


Off to Circles now! If you hadn’t guessed it does indeed involve 3 interlocking Circles. Each circle has letters in it and a ? in the middle where the where they meet. On the left of the screen are three unknown words to find using the letters within the circles. The question mark is the one missing letter that is in all the words. As I’ve solved most of this puzzle the ? has been replaced with R.

There are 120 puzzles to solve and hints if you need them are available.

Down to the last game type: Crossover

The last game is Crossover, the object of this puzzle is a bit like a crossword. Use one letter to make two words that cross over on a vertical and horizontal grid. The letter in the middle of the grid once found is then placed on the left to form part of a word at the end of the round you use the letters to spell the answer to the crossover clue. No hints this time with the 60 puzzles in Crossover.

Let’s just concentrate on what it’s about: puzzles

The soundtrack to Word Puzzles by POWGI is xylophone music, nice enough if you like that sort of music. However, I played the puzzles with the sound turned down as it got a bit annoying.

Graphically Word Puzzles is plain and simplistic mostly black and white with just a hit of colour here and there. It reminds me of a puzzle magazine, in saying that it doesn’t need flash graphics or music. It’s about the puzzles and they are perfectly fine presented this way.

The variety of puzzles is great with there twist on word games, lots to offer for that brain workout. The DLC is available at a reasonable price to add even more puzzles.

I like Word Puzzles By POWGI a lot. If, out of all the puzzles, I had to pick a favourite it would be Word Maze. That being said, all the puzzles are great. I definitely recommend the game to those that enjoy this genre.

I like it a lot!


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